The interview was this morning and the hearing was this afternoon….

I hate waiting.


Lest you think there hasn’t been any knitting…

Amused is moving right along. The color is way off in the photo but it was the only one that showed some detail on the cabling. The body has been finished and the left sleeve has been started (I wonder why I always knit the left sleeve before the right). I have just started on ball #10 so I seriously doubt I will be using all 20 balls up. Not sure what what can make with 5-6 balls of worsted tweed. Plus in a complete change of pace I’m magic-looping the sleeves rather than using DPN’s. Normally I hate the ML but for some reason I wasn’t feeling the DPN love last night. 

In other knitting news.

The aquaphobic Jester socks were frogged. I loved how they looked but hated knitting the slip stitch pattern. I kept knitting and knitting and that stupid cuff was still only 3″ long. The odds of finishing 2 complete socks in that slip stitch pattern were slim to none. So instead I decided to repurpose the Jester yarn into a pair of socks with a very popular pattern. Right now there is a Leyburn KAL in the Socks That Rawk group on Ravelry but since all of my highly variegated STR yarn is boxed up I’m going with the Jester yarn instead. It is definitely an easy pattern to work with and the only mods I have made so far is the stitch count since my gauge is a little tighter. 


Waiting is hard…