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It started off all so innocently, I was 1 pattern repeat away from starting the toe decreases on the pomatomus socks so when I headed out to Saturday knitting I grabbed 2 balls of yarn. I knew I wanted to cast on the next sock right away and I also knew I was too lazy (and late) to pull out the skeiner and ballwinder. So 2 balls of commercial sock yarn made it into the bag. 

I’m not sure if maybe knowing the next pair was waiting to be cast on but damn I finished the Smooshy Pomatomus socks!!!

I love this yarn and the pattern, heck now that I am done I kind of wish I wasn’t done if you know what I mean. The yarn (Dream in Color Smooshy) was wonderful to work with and even on size 1 needles it gave a firm yet very smooshy fabric. The pattern looks WAY harder than it really is and I’m glad I decided to try my hand at it because I will definitely knit it again one day.

Then came the decision. Which yarn to knit next? I of course deferred to Ginger who I seem to rely on for many of my decision making choices lately and the yarn I was leaning towards won.

It is Lana Grossa Stile in color 8005. It is mostly white, grey, black and a little lavendar. Very subtle and elegant so these are dubbed My Grown-Up Socks. I’m going to start my practice of just knitting socks for the sake of knitting socks so these will be basic toe-up stockingnette socks. 

I’ve been wanting to knit this yarn for a couple reasons, firstly when it first came in I liked the simplicity of the colors. So many of my sock yarns are colorful that I realized I didn’t have anything more subdued. Secondly I’m pretty certain that everyone in the Sat knitting group left with the same color that day so I’m just waiting for the day when we all show off our finished socks in the exact same yarn. I think it will be great to see what each of us do with it.

In case you were wondering what that bright yellow sticker was…apparently my yarn comes with catnip. I’m assuming that at some point since the yarn made it’s way home from VY&T I bought a new cat toy and I guess the yarn was a handy place to stick the label. I seem to lack the ability to put labels in the trash (and yes right now I have 6 labels from the Glow Sheep stuck to my computer desk).

Now something horrible did happen at knitting today. We were all sitting there knitting, drinking our tea and basically pretending like we know how to act in public (we sometimes fail miserably at the latter) when Victoria rolled in a giant box on a hand truck. I’m talking about a box about the size that computers USED to come in.

“What is that?” I asked…


(insert the sound of stampeding knitters)

Um yeah it was bad. Terri grabbed the rainbow colorway she had been looking for and oh man the plans she has for it…..I can’t wait.  I’m pretty certain Annie picked up a really pretty deep pink to purple combo. I picked up one color and then another. Back and forth I went trying to decide on a color when I spotted another bag with a colorway that morphed from a lilac to blue/green to reddish purples and back to lilac.

I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I couldn’t resist. I got WAY more than I need because I knew 45ograms wouldn’t be enough so now I have almost 600gms. Enough for probably a sweater and a hat and mittens.

I am going to blame the very delicious homemade Boozy Blueberry jam that Ginger brought in for my Kauni purchase 🙂

It isn’t a lot of knitting and boy has it made me a fan of bulky weight yarn.

I realized that my one attempt at Christmas knitting was probably not going to happen since I’m not thrilled out how my modified We Call Them Pirates hat turned out so I headed to VYT a little early on Saturday to get some shopping done.

Enter the wonderful yarn called Baby Alpaca Grande. Super soft, squishy and very suited for last minute ‘oh crap I need a gift’ knitting.

After more stops and starts than I would like to own up to I had a scarf on the needles. By the end of Saturday I had it off the needles.

A basic 2×2 rib scarf with garter ends. Super basic and perfect for keeping the neck of the giftee protected from the cold weather and her scratchy wool coat.

Then it was time for scarf #2, this time in a pale blue/green. I wanted this one longer and with more of a flared edge so I cast on 3x the stitches I wanted. Worked a few rows in garter and then k3tog to bring the scarf down to 15 stitches which I finished in a 1×2 rib.

Both scarves used up an entire skein of Alpaca Grande (well technically I trimmed off about 2 inches from the blue/green scarf). At $15/skein and for such a quick knit this has made me a fan. I may need some of my own one day soon.

I’ve been trying so hard to follow a fiber/yarn diet lately. I think the last yarn I bought for myself was some Marisol baby llama about a month ago. Yarn bought for gifts of course doesn’t count but I really do need to whittle the stash down. I have no excuse for having enough yarn for over 50 pairs of socks sitting in my stash and I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

Short of selling it (not going to happen) or giving it away (yeah right) I am faced with the only real choice…I must start knitting it. There are some yarns I hold as precious and I struggle with finding the right pattern for them. Then there are something I like but don’t love and I find myself not wanting to waste a great pattern on them. Can you see my dilemma? I think I seriously over-think this whole sock knitting business. I need to come to terms with just knitting socks without needing a higher purpose.

Perhaps 2008 should be about learning to let go and knitting for the sake of knitting. Maybe this project approach to knitting is getting in my way of just enjoying the time spent knitting. I felt that not having a plan for the 2 alpaca scarves actually hindered me. I think I started and stopped the 1st scarf 4 times before resigning myself to a plain scarf I didn’t care for. Should I have been this stressed over something so basic and what does that say about me and how I approach my knitting now?

I’ll leave you with something yummy. Last night my dessert was some hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows (made by the wife of one of my team). Delicious!

It seems like forever since I last blogged but according to wordpress it has only been 8 days. Maybe life is just slowing down to a crawl or maybe I’m getting distracted.I wish I had more to show for the last week.

I made my way back to VYT on Thursday for Spin Night which I missed in November since I was busy getting my hair done. Yes I realize how crazy that sounds, hair care before fiber? Madness.

I got to spend a little time with Daniel who has been feeling a little neglected lately. It seems like my spinning always comes after dyeing and knitting. I’m still working my way through the Old Boyfriend roving for what will probably be another sport/worsted weight 3ply sock yarn. I didn’t spin a lot though since poor D started to shudder a little when I picked up speed. I will have to find time to see if I can replicate the problem at home.

I will admit to sneaking over to count the Dragonfibers sock yarn and may have squeaked a little when I saw that 18 skeins had been sold since the open house (6 freaking days!!!). I keep telling myself that my self worth is not based on how Dragonfibers stuff sells but damn it still feels nice 🙂 

Now for a very delayed thank you to Sharon. You were so nice to find something pretty for me at Stitches East and once I got it I waited and waited before taking a picture and showing it off.

It is an incredibly pretty and delicate handmade sterling silver shawl pin from Weatherly Mize Designs. It has pale blue crystals, freshwater pearls and a tiny little seashell silver charm. Just lovely. I’m going to have to knit a shawl just for this pin and I might already have the yarn in the stash. 

Thank you Sharon!!!

For anyone who might remember Nicki’s sad lack of fur after his bladder surgery I give you this photo.

He once again has a full belly of fur and as you can tell from his napping acrobatics he is doing very well indeed. I admit to being a little jealous that he can sleep like that and still move once he wakes. Why can’t we do that? 

I do have some FO’s to show off but they are both drying (and quite frankly not that exciting). The pomatomus socks are so close to being completed and yet due to a gusset mistake they are still so far from finished.

Instead of cool knitted projects I will leave you with some random toy that my company’s HR dept handed out last week with our paychecks.

Poor froggie. I heard rumors that someone squeezed their frog so hard that his eyes exploded. RIP weird little frog toy. 

After a late night of debauchery at the company holiday party on Friday night (yeah right), I managed to crawl out of bed and make it to VY&T just in time for them to open for their holiday event. There was a Cross Your Heart rep who was in the back helping folks make cards, the bakery they use for all their wonderful Swedish treats had lots of samples to try, there was a rep sampling cookies, curds and spicy chutneys, and there was 4 ‘vendors’ with our yarny wares.

First there was Annie with her handmade and handpainted ceramic beads. She even had Selbu mitten beads which were beyond adorable. I snagged the one blue and white one she made.

Then there was Terri who shared a table with Annie, she brought all her mittens from the book and of course many copies of the book for people to buy and get signed. Seeing all those mittens again got me inspired to cast on for my pair this week.

Then Amy (Good to be Girl) brought in an amazingly cute display for her stitch markers. I sadly didn’t take a picture of it but it was a big giant pink snowman and some windows with ledges for all the little tins of markers to sit on.

Finally there was me. Without Terri there to calm my nerves and help me figure out how to properly display all that yarn and fiber it might have been a mess.

There was more yarn available but it couldn’t all fit on the table. It went well though. By the end of the day half the rovings and 10 of 48 skeins of sock yarn had sold. I have to admit it was strange standing there and chatting to people about my product, it’s a skill I need to master but that doesn’t make me feel any less awkward at first.

It was really odd to realize how anxious I got when people would pick up the yarn, look it over and put it down. While I know that on etsy the same thing happens it doesn’t affect me the same way. I guess it just brings up feeling of insecurities about whether what I’m doing is even any good. Maybe I just have really good friends who buy my rovings to support me. 🙂

Finally after the trunk show I met up with a good friend for dinner who invited me to this Meetup event that night. I still have to research what Meetup is but the one last night was basically 8-10 people who hung out in a pub and just chatted about anything and everything. The event last night wasn’t a dating meetup kind of thing so that was great. I didn’t get home until late and considering the late nights I’ve had all week it probably wasn’t a good idea. However apparently downing a couple pints of Strongbow while chatting with complete strangers was just what I needed.

All in all I’d say yesterday was a good day, it taught me what I needed to do for St Distaff’s Day to make an impression and I got to go out and act like a normal 30-something adult for an evening. It was what I needed.

And yes there were single men at the meetup and no I’m not going to say anything about that until I go to another event.


Your Score: Salt

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You are Salt!

You may be bland, but life just wouldn’t be the same without you. You’re plentiful and you come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. You bring out the flavour in whatever you touch and have been the world’s best preservative for millennia. You rock.

Link: The Which Spice Are You Test written by jodiesattva on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I’m such a sucker for silly little online tests and when I saw this on Pam’s blog I had to try it out.

It took a while, 11 hours of traffic, cancelled flights, waiting, delayed flights, more waiting, baggage claim mix-ups but I am finally home. I never thought I would be so happy to get back to rainy Seattle but damn today was a trying travel day.

All I can say is thank god I brought 2 knitting projects. I have almost finished the We Call Them Pirates hat, I somehow missed the part of the pattern that calls for a smaller needle for the lining so that was on hold until I could get home. Thankfully I had brought the Araucania yarn for a chevron scarf with me. Want to know what 6 hours of sitting at a gate waiting to see if maybe just maybe you can get on standby on the next flight looks like?

Yeah not that impressive. I was hardly motivated to knit quickly since I had no idea how long I was going to be there. Plus let me just say that the chairs at the Burbank airport are slightly less than comfy if you plan on parking your butt for anything more than half an hour.

As for the scarf, if you look closely you will see a white yarn tag, anything knit after that point was knit while waiting for my flight. I’m not even sure if I even like this scarf and the way the colors are mixing, it’s kind of hard to tell there are 2 yarns being used. However the prospect of sitting at the airport with absolutely nothing to do was too much to bear so I carried on.

It is now 11.57pm and lets hope my boss reads my email I just sent and takes pity on me. I really REALLY don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

As for me, I’m off to take a shower because I’m just gross right now, then I think some food would be nice (maybe french toast because damn it I deserve it) and then it is off to bed where I can cuddle my kitties who haven’t let me out of their sight since I walked in the door.

Oh and I apparently missed my 1 year blog birthday. Oops. Happy Belated blog birthday to me 🙂

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