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Don’t worry, I won’t flash all my stash at you. A gal has to have SOME secrets! I will however flash you my sock stash because quite frankly most of my stash is sock yarn.

First off all lets see it all laid out for inspection.

FYS 2007

Lets get a little closer shall we?

FYS 2007

Then it was all bagged up because I had intended to trek it out to a park for some nice outdoor photos.

FYS 2007

Sadly the Seattle spring weather didn’t cooperate so that idea was nixed. Then before I knew what happened my yarn had made a getaway and I couldn’t find it. Looked all over. Finally I looked in the place you wouldn’t think to look.

FYS 2007

Yup, there was all my sock stash just chillin in the freezer.

FYS 2007

All in all I have enough yarn for 26 pairs. I better get knitting.

For those of you who don’t know already, April 1st is Flash Your Stash Day! Take pics of your stash and blog about it.

Check out KnitSonya’s blog for some great pics of her stash here and here

I’m hoping for some nice weather tomorrow so I can take my stash around town with me for some fun pictures.

I am loving SP8. I’ve never taken part in an SP before because I never understood the whole appeal. But my SP Sneakie Pie is making my first experience wonderful. First I got yummy Mountain Goat yarn and candy and now I have a great dyeing kit (two skeins of fingering Bare and the Jacquard starter kit).

Sp package

I think you can forget how exciting REAL mail can be. Yes ok I love it when I get in a package of something I ordered but nothing beats getting something totally unexpected from another person. There is something really cool about opening a package that a person you may never meet in real life put together with you in mind. I think there is a moment of terror because you worry about how you appear to others followed by intense relief when you open it and realize that your SP put together the perfect package.

As for my downstream pal, I can only hope she is enjoying the packages I’ve sent nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve gotten.

Sneakie Pie–You Rock!

Don’t worry. I’ll wait till the end of the post to shock you with the colors. For now how about a slightly more sedate photo of the first Tartan sock in progress. This photo was taken Saturday night, the sock was finished Sunday but I’m waiting till the second one is finished before showing them in all their glory.

Tartan 1

It’s been so long since I’ve knit a sock cuff down that once I got to the heel flap I actually had to sit and think for a while. It’s also a good thing I tried on this sock while I was working on it. The yarn is surprisingly sproingy and I actually knit the foot an entire inch shorter than I would have because it stretched so nicely. I also took out the last few rows of the toe decreases. I found one little knot in my yarn that conveniently landed right in the middle of the sole so I cut the yarn and knit the entire row across the sole with 2 strands. Barely noticeable and much better than a knot. So far I am loving this yarn and the first sock weighed a whopping 33gms. With the skein weighing in at 110gms I think I have more than enough to finish that second sock 🙂 Heck I could probably make some ankle socks with the leftovers!

I had the best of intentions to start the second sock tonight but I succumbed to the lure of silk and dye. You may have noticed the massive amounts of silk hankies that arrived at my door last week. Well I decided it was insane for me to hold on to all that because there is no way I could spin that fast enough to make a dent in the pile. About 5oz or so are on their way to Artsygal and then I offered up some to those folks who manage to put up with me every Saturday. I got color requests and I did my best to achieve them. The colors always look so dark when the hankies are wet but when you figure each layer is pretty thin I think the colors will turn out a little paler depending on how thin you spin.

First up Annie’s request of pale pink and green. The one where I realized that pastels are not that easy to do. No matter how much I diluted the dye I still ended up darker than what I had intended.

Then we have Terri’s request for sunset/grand canyon colors. Apparently my idea of sunset colors are REALLY vivid. (the yellow on the edges is missing from this photo)


And finally Sharon’s request for mandarin orange and kelly green. Aka Radioactive colors.


As you can tell I really have no idea what I am doing, I wasted lots of dye, had lots of fun and was really thankful I have a spare bathroom to do this all in. If you don’t like the colors please don’t feel like you have to take them. I promise I won’t be offended.


It’s not much progress but I had to take a picture of the sock now because a certain someone (Artsygal) kept bugging me for one.

I decided on the Pembrokeshire Pathways pattern and so far so good. I’m knitting these on 1’s instead of the 2’s suggested in the pattern but I like the tighter gauge. Plus the pattern is nice and stretchy although whether it is stretchy enough to fit around my fat ankles remains to be seen.

It feels good to knit socks again. I feel like I have stepped away from knitting lately with my obsession of spinning so I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. As much as I enjoy producing a yarn nothing seems to compare to that feeling I get when I finish a project. Maybe it’s because once it’s knitted it has become all it can be and yarn still has potential. Who knows.

All I know is I have the beginnings of a great pair of socks on the needles and all I want to do is stay home and knit them.

Artsygal sock yarn


Talk about a good mail day (almost made up for the nightmare that unfolded at work but I won’t go into that).

I got my Artsygal sock yarn in Moroccan Sunset and Tartan. Since I’m part Scot (by blood and birth) I think Tartan will make it to needles tonight. Pattern yet unknown. Reptilian Lace was suggested but I kind of like Pomatomus and maybe even Pembrokeshire Pathways. Who knows. Give me an hour to unwind, get a drink and we shall see what happens.

The second package came all the way from Yarnsource. That is 500gms of silk hankies. That is a lot of hankies. And no they aren’t all for me. $20 worth is going to make its way to Artsygal in exchange for the Moroccan Sunset sock yarn. All I know is I have a lot of silk to play with now.

Now I’m off to make some Twinkie Dogs for dinner because quite frankly I deserve it.

(For some reason this didn’t post on Monday when I wrote it)

Twinkie pan

And in other news….

English Bay 1 English Bay 2

I got word my silk hankies arrived at work today, still no sight of the Artsygal sock yarn. Soon I will hopefully have some more spinning to share with you.

So after reading Ginger’s blog post about twinkie dogs I got it in my head that I just HAD to have one of those pans. Only it is apparently harder to find those things than you would think. I first checked the B B&B downtown, then I stopped by the Lynnwood one after tea at VY&T. Nothing. So like a freak I came home, hopped online and called the other stores in town. Bellevue has them. So tomorrow I am going to drive 15miles (according to mapquest) to pick up a stupid Twinkie baking set that they have on hold for me. I am seriously insane/obsessive/in need of a real life.

In other news, I frogged and restarted the Jester socks only to stop yet again. It’s the same yarn as my Anastasia socks and the same needles but I don’t like the way the thing is knitting up. The gauge looks really loose even though it is 7st/inch. I usually prefer a 7-9st/inch but these look really terrible. Time to frog again.

Since I was at Weaving Works yesterday when I got the call that my sister had to go in for surgery right away I thought it was appropriate to pick up a little something for her. So 5oz of Ashland Bay multicolored roving in Cranberry came home with me. She knits hats and scarves mostly so a skein of yarn (or a FO from me) will be a great gift. The surgery was a little freaky, luckily she went and saw a great doctor who specializes in cysts apparently and he was able to take care of it quickly. I’ve spent over 12 hours at the hospital in 3 days and I seriously think they should offer frequent parking passes or something. She is staying with me until at least tomorrow and is spending it hanging out on the couch doing as little as possible. Which is good.

And after last night I’m rethinking my idea of one day owning a big dog. Morgan (pit bull mix I think) spent the night on my bed and while I’m used to cats sharing the bed I didn’t realize just how much space a 65lb dog takes up. And moving a 13lb cat out of the way is easy. I’m off to take a nap where I will hopefully have at least a third of my bed to myself.

Swallowtail Fini

I now can tell you from experience that going to the ER (when you aren’t the patient) is wonderful for knitting progress. I was back at the ER this evening again since my sister was in pain again so from 6.30pm until 11pm I got to knit. Thankfully I was back in her room tonight instead of taking my chances with the crazies for a second night. We got to watch The Office and Scrubs and some new Andy Richter show while waiting for tests and doctors and the pain meds that never showed up.

They found something called a dermoid cyst which completely skeeved me out when the doctor described it. I mean hair?!? sometimes teeth!?!?! The good thing is they said it wasn’t uncommon and it should be an easy outpatient thing. For some reason her body really likes growing things that don’t belong there but I won’t go into her medical history here.

Back to the knitting. I got 4 whole hours to devote to finishing up swallowtail and boy am I glad it is done. I actually really liked the pattern and it was a fun and easy knit but I was ready for it to end. I still need to weave in the ends but I didn’t want to wait to block. At 12.27am it was officially blocked and drying.

Time for sleep. Better pics of Swallowtail to come.

So I got this cool little email from Paypal offering me a $15 rebate on any order over $30 until the end of March (sorry invite only apparently). And since I am never one to pass up a good sale I hopped online to check out some online fibery stores that use Paypal. I have it down to two I think.

My first option is buying more roving. Susan’s Spinning Bunny has the multicolored roving that I am having so much fun with right now at a good price. And roving doesn’t break the yarn diet. However a LYS carries the same roving at very similar prices and I kind of prefer to support local businesses when I can.

Second option is saying screw the yarn diet and ordering yarn from Sarah’s Yarns. I bought a surplice sweater pattern a little while ago so I can finally knit myself a sweater and she has some JaggerSpun yarns that I can’t get locally that I am eyeing.

What should I do?

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