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With the exception of a not so little delay leaving the Philly airport (and a subsequent mad dash at Chicago) the trip home was uneventful. Of course in my mad dash to my connecting flight there was one thing on my mind, my suitcase with all my yarn purchases. Luckily it made it on board the second plane and all I had to deal with was the bickering couple sitting next to me.

Lets just get the flashing of my new stash out of the way now.


First up my haul from Rosies, 4oz of handdyed (by one of the shop employees) Optim. Drool. Of course that purchase meant nothing else got bought there.

After Rosies we made our way to Loop, via a nice little pub called the Ten Stone which served some pretty tasty sandwiches. They were smart to put us by ourselves in the back room.


What you see are two skeins of Araucania sock yarn which I plan on making into either a chevron or jaywalker scarf. There is also a single skein of hemp yarn in the perfect shade of red. I may break my washcloth ban and actually knit one with this skein. What isn’t pictured is my copy of Big Girl Knits that I also picked up and had Amy sign.

On day two we made our way to Twist after a late start (the alpaca farm trip had to be canceled because we were running so late). Deb at Twist put together some wonderful fiber tasting bags for us to try, there was BFL, black BFL, silk hankies, hemp, tussah cashmere, merino, quivet and some others I can’t recall right now.  

You are looking at some Claudia Handpaints sock yarn, 8oz of bamboo and 4oz of Chasing Rainbows tussah cashmere. 

I also picked up some Jitterbug in the Kingfisher colorway at a shop called Frou Frou in NW Philly. I loved this yarn and I couldn’t not purchase it even after the treatment we got at the store. I’m still pissed I was charged tax on a purchase that should have been tax free and the store owner never even attempted to fix the computer error. On top of that I’ve never been to a LYS where the owners are that unaware of their rudeness. I’ll paraphrase the conversation Sharon had.

S: I’m really disappointed you have a sweater back there with a rabbit pelt

Owner: Oh really?

S: Yes it means I can never buy from here because my pet rabbit would never forgive me

Owner: I’m sorry you have a pet rabbit. 

I was just stunned at her rudeness. By then my purchase had already gone through so I couldn’t back out but wow…I don’t think I have any problems not recommending the Frou Frou yarn shop. 

And that was the extent of my fiber purchases. See I told you I didn’t go insane and buy out all the shops in Philly. 

I did also manage to leave Philly with another 4oz of Optim and a wonderful handmade NM spindle thanks to my not so secret spinning pal Sobe. The fiber is undyed so I’m going to have fun coming up with a colorway for it. 

Now before you start thinking that all I did was shop let me show you some FO’s from the week.

Those are the Kaffe Fassett socks I was knitting for my sister. I’m not normally a big fan of striping socks but I can’t say enough about how happy I am at the way these turned out.  

Ok so technically these aren’t FO’s because only one sock is finished but I still made some damn good progress on them. These are in the Koigu (unknown color) Coupling socks and for some reason I started knitting them on size 0 needles. That meant adding length to the gusset and adjust the heel flap accordingly. I seem to have serious issues reading this pattern and keep making mistakes even though it is simple and I have it memorized. I’m calling them design features at this point because I keep making the exact same mistake over and over again. Oh well. I still love the way they are turning out.

The week was just wonderful, I got to spend time with friends I had only known from chat or the boards, I got to put faces to the avatars and it was a blast. I am still in shock that I agreed to go to Seasocks without even blinking an eye. Once I get settled back at home I will need to start being a good girl and seriously start stashing money away for not only the cruise ticket but the great LYS’s we are expecting to hit. 

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to lie down and cuddle my kitties who apparently only spent 2 nights staying up late and sleeping on the stairs waiting for me to come home before they gave up and went back to sleeping on beds and couches. I guess they don’t love me that much.

I’ll explain the blog title later.

I’m still in Philly having way too much fun, I’m pretty sure it isn’t good for my health (or at least the health of my bank balance).

I believe quoting the text msg I sent to my sister on the first night explains it all. “I’ve found my people”

I laughed until I wanted to cry, I wholeheartedly joined in trying to humiliate ourselves in public, I shopped, I drooled, I actually managed to restrain myself and I’m pretty sure that a certain Applebee’s in the Philly area has pictures of all of us on a “do not let them in ever again” wall.

I got to meet so many wonderful knitties and visit some amazing shops. If you are ever in the Philly area I highly recommend Rosies, Loop and Twist, not only were the owners wonderful but the wide selection between those stores is sure to please any knitter.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

There are many more pictures but I won’t bore you with them all. Check out the flickr album if you feel like flipping through my version of vacation slides.

As for the blog title, well it became apparent very early on that there would be some spoken gems over the weekend and since I had a notebook I played secretary. Most of the quotes make very little sense out of context (or incredibly wrong) but they were saved for potential blog titles. Needlegrrl has the complete list on her blog if you aren’t knittyboard members and can’t check them out there.

As for my vacation shopping. I think I did ok, I didn’t buy everything I touched although I did splurge on a bundle of fiber that I paid way too much for. I’ll have pics of my haul when I get back.

Now the only reason I can get away with saying I was good on my vacation is because according to Pam the $500 deposit I just paid for our room on the Seasocks cruise doesn’t count. Heck according to her it doesn’t even count as 2007 fiber money. I like her.

It’s the final countdown to my trip to Philly!!! While you might be wondering why I’m so excited to go to what most wouldn’t consider a vacation destination let me explain.

First off, this is my first real vacation in almost 8 years. I’m not counting 3-4 day weekends where I go camping or visit friends on the other side of the state. Nor am I counting the week between Christmas and New Years last year where I was forced to take time off or lose it because I spent the entire time sitting at home doing house crap. The last time I consider myself taking a vacation was August 1999 and I went for a whole week to Cabo with a couple of college friends.

I do see some similarities in the two trips though. Both are locations that can’t be called temperate during the month of August. I apparently have a subconscious need to go visit hot humid climates…must be all those years living in hot tropical locations while growing up.

Second reason I’m excited to go to Philly? I get to meet so many folks I’ve met online at the knittyboard. I get to put faces to the names and spend time sitting around chatting, knitting, trying to not get into too much trouble etc. Oh and not only do I get to meet lots of cool new folks but I get to meet Amy of Knitty. How cool is that!

The weekend events have been named Philly Knitty Fest (PKF) and include some trips to LYS’s that are hosting little parties for us, a trip to an alpaca farm, a fiber/spinning tasting at another LYS. All in all it sounds like just what I need. Plus since I’m heading all the way over there I might as well stay longer and see the sights, have a cheesesteak, hopefully spend lots of time with Sharon…you get the picture.

Of course leaving home and work for a week means A LOT of prep work. Why is going on vacation so stressful? All the things I didn’t realize I had to take care of now have less than one day to get done. Good thing I can sleep on the plane right?

I’m also worried that a sign of true addiction is when I spent more time picking out knitting projects for the week than I did clothes. I decided the sweater stays home (and no it is not finished yet) so it will be socks, socks, mermaid wrap and more socks. Yes I realize 3 pairs of socks is more than I can knit in a week but you never know what you will feel like knitting that day. I need to go prepared for any sock mood.

So what am I bringing?

Mermaid wrap in Suri Blue

Kaffe Fassett socks for the sister (Fire) 1/2 a sock already done

Koigu for Monkey socks (I think)

Smooshy for either Coupling or Pomatomus socks

I love that all these yarns are ones I’ve never knit with before. It is tempting to toss another skein in the bag but I know I won’t even get half of that list finished as it is. Besides taking more yarn means less room for new yarn to come home with me right?

I will hopefully post while in Philly but if not I will see you in a week!

I realized today that I never posted pictures of my new knitting bag. All that talk about how I had to wait for it to be finished before I could work on the sweater and I never take a photo of it. So finally here it is.


It is the Amy Butler Weekender bag, with AB fabric as well (I think). I love it! It’s so roomy I can cram so much stuff in there. I gave the extra fabric to Ginger who is another sewing genius so I can get some little notion bags to go inside.

While I didn’t immediately pick up the sweater and finish it off I have made great progress. I have 1.5 sleeves left to knit and maybe a few inches of the body. I left the body unfinished because I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn for the sleeves before adding length to the sweater. Considering that I have 5 balls left out of the 13 I purchased and I don’t have that much left to do I think I will be fine. If all goes well the sweater will be finished before PKF.

I also had a little problem with impulse control at Sat knitting. VY&T got in a nice shipment of the new Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn and I was a goner.

kaffe fasset

The colors don’t actually look as vivid in the picture as they are in real life (blame the overcast Seattle sky). I got 2 balls of the landscape fire and 2 of the landscape caribbean. While I’m not normally a fan of striped yarn I thought the mirage variations lost some of the color ommpf. Now you may notice there are 3 balls of the fire there. That is because I showed my Mom the yarn and she oh so nicely pointed out that I’ve never used 2 whole balls for a pair of socks and if I bought a 3rd ball I could make her a pair too. Then I wouldn’t have wasted yarn! Isn’t my Mom thoughtful… 🙂

I also walked away with the last copy of the new Evelyn Clark book (don’t worry they are getting more in).

clark book

I can’t wait to use this book to come up with my own shawl.

In somewhat sad news I have to wait a little longer for my August batts from Abby. Apparently the mailman decided to assume the role of fiber stash moderator and sent my package back to Abby for being an incorrect address. It’s on it way back to me after we confirmed that yes I do live where I thought I’ve lived for the last 7 years so hopefully I can pet it briefly before heading to Philly for a week.

Now I’m off to power my way through the rest of the sweater, I got the size 8 dpn’s I needed to finish the sleeves today because after an hour of magic looping the sleeve last night I came to the firm conclusion that yes I do hate magic loop as much as I thought I did.

I really need to start knitting with my handspun soon. That particular stash keeps growing and growing, especially with the new wheel and my inability to leave it alone.

I finished the Abby batts in what felt like record time-well at least for me. Just over 7oz of batts to finished yarn in 3 evenings.

july batts

Multi colored yarn is 5.75oz ~ 241yds and the solid purple is 1.5oz and 62yds. I ended up going with a 3ply yarn in the end instead of my original plan for a 2ply which is why my yardage is much less than it could have been.  This stuff is so soft…

You might remember this roving from a while back.

hella hot 3

It was a gift from my spinning SP. Well as soon as the Abby batts were off the wheel it became this.

hella hot yarn

That is 4oz and 318yds. I’m surprised at how muted this yarn is compared to the roving. When I was spinning it as singles I was underwhelmed but once it was plied I was much happier. Do I wish it was a little brighter? Perhaps but this actually turned out to be quite a pretty finished yarn. Thank you Sobe!

In case you have been keeping track you might have noticed that I’ve spun about 5 rovings in a row with definite purple leanings. I wanted to start on the roving I bought at the Seattle Knitting Expo back in April when I realised it too was purple. Why do I have so much purple roving?

Since I couldn’t handle the idea of more purple right now I grabbed the one roving that I’m surprised I even bought.

yummy yarn

Definitely NOT purple! I’ve only got half of it spun up right now and I’m really not sure how I want to ply it. It is very sherbety. Very pretty but very sherbety. I’m toying with the idea of plying it with a dark brown. Any thoughts?

You know how it goes, you buy something you really want/crave and you have to wait for it. Sometimes if you are lucky it’s just the 3-5 minutes for that morning mocha, sometimes it’s 7 days for a wheel 🙂

Lets just say those 7 days of torture and non-stop checking of the tracking number on UPS was worth it.




I’m in heaven.

After 3 phone calls and 3 different answers on whether I could get a delivery address change (or pick it up from the center myself) I just waited until it was delivered to work and tried not to speed downtown so I could retrieve it. There was NO way I was waiting till today to get it.

I justified the trip for the wheel by telling myself I had to leave the house anyway to pick up Nicki so I left the vet with two precious pieces of cargo in my car. Who would have thought the cat would be the most expensive piece?

Setup was a breeze! And I’ll admit to a sigh of relief when I saw that the well padded Woolery bag is not that awful bright blue they have on the website. Nice dark navy denim. Yay!

After practicing for a few minutes (maybe 5 max) on some random blue merino I had dyed months ago but never put up for sale because I was disappointed in it I pondered the fiber stash. I had originally planned on initiating the wheel on the lovely cashmere Artsygal sent me for my birthday but then I spotted my Abby batts. I had been waiting for the new wheel to try them out and with the second months shipment going out now I knew I had to get cracking.

OMG. I don’t know if it was the wheel or the batts but I had one of the most relaxing and pleasurable spinning nights to date. I spun almost half of what I have and didn’t feel at all tense or tired. The ache I would feel on the Traveller after hours and hours of spinning was non-existent. Spinning actually felt natural. I even got to practice my long draw with pretty decent results.

Check out the first bobbin.

first bobbin

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. As usual there were some thick/thin bits but I’m fine with that.

The best part of spinning last night was this.

nicki lounging

Nicki came and sat by me almost all evening. He got some much needed rest and I got to be comforted knowing he was home safe. The vet offered me the stones they took out. They looked like a mix between gravel and nerd candy (or at least what nerds would look like after living in a cat bladder). No thanks!

I’d say yesterday was a very good day.

It seems only fitting that my 100th post is about Nicki coming home today.

The vet says he is doing really well and one of the first things he did when I let him out was run to the dining table where I had some freshly dug up onions drying.

post surgery nicki

He likes crispy leafy things and those brown tips of the onions were calling his name. It’s good to know he still has enough of a desire to eat them that he was willing to stretch up to the table to get them. If I’d just had surgery I don’t think I’d be doing much except lie there but my baby is apparently a trooper.

Here is another pic (sorry for the spooky eyes) that I finally took once he stopped moving. Apparently once they get home pets are likely to get so excited they keep running around.

I opened a can of food for him and he gobbled it down, it might take a little longer for him to forgive me 🙂

In other news I got something wonderful in the mail but you will have to wait for another post to find out more. This post is all about Nicki.

Yet another reason to not like Mondays. Dropped off Nicki at 8am and settled in for a day in the office where all I do is sit by the phone and wait for news. They can’t expect me to actually work now can they?

I think Sammy knows something is up. Normally you can count on a good chase and fight with those two every few days. Nothing serious and Sammy being the little punk that he is usually starts it. For a week now there has been nothing. He just gives Nicki a wide berth, almost as if he knows better (and this is one incredibly stupid cat).

Tomorrow I hope to get Nicki back home and resting while I hopefully go back to being a little less freaked out.

I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to the free shipping sale. All your packages went out in the mail today. I hope you like them!

Update: the vet just called. The surgery went well and they pulled out 10 stones. He is now resting and they will try get him to eat later today. Such a relief.

Well the good news is that Nicki’s bladder infection is getting better and his kidneys are fine. The bad news is that found about a dozen bladder stones during the x-ray. Since they are good sized ones he can’t pass them naturally. So Monday AM he gets dropped off at the vet for surgery and if all goes well he can come home on Tuesday. I’m a little freaked but at the same time happy it is something they can fix.

Whenever I start to panic over the cost of all this I take a look at this picture (taken last year)

napping nicki

How can I not do what I can to make him better?

Not much knitting progress since the last post, I managed to knit maybe another 2 inches on the Mermaid wrap at the VY&T Knit Nite. Doesn’t look like much but it is getting there. They got in a new shipment of the Suri Blue an oh it was hard to resist. There was a purple and brown colorway…dreamy. Then there was the big pile of Tofutsies and one color in particular that I know my sister would like. Plus the fiber blend would be perfect for LA.

Then Ginger not so gently reminded me that I hated working with the yarn. There is a reason the Tofutsie sock in the WIP list has been stuck at 50% for about 6 months. I never cast on for the second one because I disliked the yarn so much. Well ok to be more accurate I hated knitting with it, I really liked the finished fabric. So I put the ball back in the pile and Ginger obliging smacked my hand as punishment.

The spinning has stopped too, I have someone coming by on Monday to buy the Traveller. She and a friend started up a spinning group where they live and they are short a wheel. I love the idea of my first wheel going to a new group of folks wanting to learn to spin. I should dig up the binder of info I was given when I bought it.

I’ve also started to wonder if the shipping gods (or your diety of choice) hate me. I decided to have my new wheel shipped to work because you never know if someone will be home to accept delivery. Estimated delivery date is Tuesday. Now because of Nicki what day do you think I will be at home instead of work? I don’t suppose there is anyone out there who thinks I stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting my wheel on Monday when I’m actually IN the office?

I’m off now to swap Blu for my spiffy new knitting bag (I promise I will post pics).

I finally did it. Blu is seamed and can now be crossed off the WIP list!


Made with about 4 balls of Elann Den-n-mit (or whatever it is called). I made the largest size for the soon to be born Baby Jack because I figured the soon to be parents would have lots of newborn clothing already. Plus the dad comes from a line of large babies so  by making the biggest size I guarantee that Jack will grow into it one day.

Very cute pattern and a really easy knit. This really only took me as long as it did because I actually found it almost too easy. Borderline boring tacked on with the seaming at the end. You can see why I put it off.

After my first attempt at seaming up the pants on Tuesday failed miserably I took another look at the instructions while at work yesterday. After reading the same instructions about 6 times it finally clicked. The pattern mentions putting the pieces side by side, right side facing. I kept converting that into right sides facing each other. Which would explain why I couldn’t make a backstitch seam look nice at all. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Now that Blu is done I have to arrange a time to swap baby jeans for custom made knitting bag. Must do that before baby shows up…

Tomorrow I either find out some good news or some potentially bad news regarding Nicki. The vet wants me to bring him back in because the antibiotics don’t seem to be working and now his appetite is almost gone. He wants to eat but just sits and stares at the food. So tomorrow they will sedate him to run some more urine tests and possibly do x-rays. I’m hoping for just a really bad infection, I’m dreading the possibility of kidney failure.


Please think happy kitty thoughts for Nicki.

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