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That I want to grab my postman and kiss him. Sadly (or perhaps luckily for him) I wasn’t home to assault him when he stopped by with some serious yarn porn in the making. Check out what he brought me.

Rocking my socks off Sarah's Yarn

I am one happy knittingkitty right now! Check out my flickr album for larger pics. I’ll be taking some better photos once the weekend rolls around and I’m actually home during the daylight hours.

The English Bay socks are making progress, not as much as I’d like but the sock mojo left me for a couple of days. However now I have some SERIOUS motivation to get through this pair so I think I better get knitting on those puppies.

What else have I been up to? Well this weekend I did a little roving dyeing with some decent results. Here is a photo of it soaking, the final colors were a little more muted but I think it turned out well. This will be winging it’s way to my SP this weekend (I’m only blogging about it because I don’t think she reads any blogs).


Oh and Monday night I made a “little” batch of brownies. Hey it’s a quarter of the original recipe, so what if it still used a pound of butter! The recipe is from my restaurant pastry chef days and is THE best recipe I’ve ever come across. The coworkers were happy. Heck one of them ate 4 before I even realized she had opened the box!

Brownies Brownie closeup

Finally I would like to say many thanks to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Sarah’s Yarns for some amazing service and their excellent products.

I had a little fun getting sidetracked with spinning these last few days and I quite proud of my first dyed, spun and plied yarn on the drop spindle. It’s far from perfect and it’s definitely a beginner’s yarn but here it is anyway.

Spun yarn

I’m having fun with the spinning but for now I don’t find it nearly as relaxing as knitting so I had to go back to what I love most. Socks. I wound up my Sweet Georgia Yarn in the English Bay colorway, found a pattern in Treasury of Knitting and off I went.

English Bay socks

The colors are just what I need to pick me up, they are so bright and cheery. And I don’t even mind that the sock will have a spiral of colors on it. It looks great and the yarn is a dream to knit with.

And on a completely non-knitting note. I know some of you are Hello Kitty fans so I had to take a picture of something I found at Cost Plus yesterday (it was $10 or I would have bought it). I give you, Hello Kitty Pez!!!

Hello Kitty Pez

STR wall

While displays like this were very hard to resist I managed to leave the fiber festival with only two items. Yup you heard me, only 2!!!

Check out what managed to sneak their way past my wallet into my bag.

Peppermint Bambu

You’re looking at some Fancy Image Yarn in what I’m calling Peppermint Delight (it has no color name) and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu in Lapis.

Sharon and I left the festival pretty early since we both didn’t want to buy a lot and headed back up to Seattle to Weaving Works. Then we bought roving, well ok I bought roving since she kindly agreed to teach me how to spin.

I’ll start off by prefacing this by admitting my lack of coordination, I am hardly the most graceful creature to walk this earth so mastering the whole using your feet while paying attention to your hands and what they are doing was a test of Sharon’s patience. By the end of the afternoon I had spun some yarn and plied it but it sure wasn’t pretty. It took a bath at Sharon’s so I won’t have pics for another week or so.

However it did inspire me to try the drop spindle again once I got home (and had a package of 2 spindles and a niddynoddy waiting for me). So I grabbed a new spindle, some roving and played some more. It’s still not great but having Sharon walk me through drafting on the wheel made using the spindle SO much easier. Here’s a pic of some hand-dyed roving I did this last weekend.


I’m at least grasping the concepts now and maybe with practice the yarn might actually look good. For now I’m happy to be making progress. Thank you Sharon!!!!

For now I’ll leave you with a picture from the festival that I just HAD to take. The urge to dive headfirst into the fiber was almost too much to resist. It’s about 5lbs and so squishy.

Red Fiber

The Madrona Fiber Arts Festival is tomorrow!!!! Ok maybe I’m a little too excited about this, it’s my first visit to a fiber “event” so I hope I’m not getting my expectations up over something pretty ordinary. I took the day off of work because well I could. What obsessive knitter wouldn’t?

I don’t need anything, I have all the sock yarn I could possibly want although I did see that Angora Valley is a vendor and I have been wanting to try her yarn. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t learned to spin yet because now I can’t really buy roving because I have no clue if I can even do anything with it.

I have my Icky to wear, my English Bay socks to knit, the Blue Monday socks if the EBS give me trouble and the camera. It should be a good day.

I did it and it fits (sort of).

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Hat

I probably could have gone down one more needle size to make the hat fit even better but I was impatient and too lazy to go out and buy another circular. I guess I could just cultivate poofy hair in order to fill the hat so it doesn’t slide down over my eyes.

Made this with size 4’s using Knit Picks Telemark in White, Icicle, Colonial Blue and Alpine Frost. The pattern was great so go print out a copy for yourself at Brooklyn Tweed’s blog. Thanks to Terri for that centered decrease-it worked out perfectly. I might take a break before making another in the original colors for my sister but overall I loved making this hat. I started late Thursday night, worked on most of it for Friday and Saturday night and then finished up the last 8 rows tonight. A pretty quick knit for such a warm hat.

I did pretty well with the fair isle pattern, I only have a couple floats that probably could have been a little tighter but the yarn is hairy and I think they will be fine.

I’ve got 8 rows left of my Winter Wonderland hat and check out how much yarn I have left.

Winter Wonderland

The only good thing is I had ordered some KP Merino instead of the cotton blend for the lining and the color and weight is almost identical. Good enough for those last 4-5 rows of the crown at least.

In other news I had an amazing dinner on Saturday, I picked up some smoked cornish game hens from Jensen’s Smokehouse and made a little garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. Delicious!! I highly recommend their products, their salmon is out of this world. I even made a tasty sandwich with the leftover chicken (?) and the honey oatmeal bread I made on Sunday.

Saturday Dinner

For the last week I have been so excited about my drop spindle class today. Ask anyone, they’ll let you it was all I could talk about (well besides my STR order anyway). So I was all set to go this afternoon when I check my voicemail at noon. Turns out my class was at 11.30 to 1.30pm. The 2pm class was for the advanced drop spindle class. ARGHHH!!! There is no way I could get there before 12.30pm at that point. Luckily the teacher agreed to let me take the next session instead of losing out on the class altogether. The downside? It isn’t until Feb 25th!! I was so excited and now I have to wait another month? whimper whimper.

So what did I do to console myself? I made some yummy honey oatmeal bread. I’d take a picture but barely half of it is left. I’ll make more tomorrow.

Now I’m off to go kick myself some more.

Blue RLS hat

The colors are turning out better than I expected when I got the yarn in the mail. It has a very winter wonderland feel to it.


My pirate name is:

Mad Anne Kidd

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even though you’re not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
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What creeps me out is that it doesn’t ask for your last name and it spit back my real one. Freaky!!

Well ok it was something I knew I would do and had planned on doing. Blue Moon Fiber Arts updated their website yesterday so I hopped on to check out the new colors and yarn listings. I ordered this morning. What did I get? Brace yourself….

I got 2 skeins of Seduction in G Rocks and Nodding Violet

1 skein of STR mediumweight in Lucy

6 skeins of STR lightweight in January One, Lemongrass, Pucks Mischief, Lagoon, Ruby Slippers and Scottish Highland.

Grand total with shipping $209. Amount I paid because of my gift certificate from work? $9!!!! It’s like I got it for free.

You can’t tell but I’m doing a little happy dance right now.

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