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For all of you who think I have way too much yarn I give you my newest yarn accessory.

Yarn storage             The Stash

 It’s still a mess right now because at 10pm last night I just threw the yarn in there, organization will have to come later. And no it doesn’t include the acrylic stuff-that doesn’t get to live in my lovely new cabinet.

The bottom two shelves are filled with scraps for my felting project so that will empty out soon (I hope).

 All I can say is that I’m glad to have the yarn off the floor where it collected dust and cat fur. Now it can hide away in a cabinet. I admit I like the shelf look because then I can open the door and feel like I’m browsing at a store. Is it weird that gives me a thrill?

 The downside to the closet? Having to organize the rest of the bedroom so I can actually use the space again. Now I have to keep it clean because I no longer have the excuse of “oh it’s just all the yarn that makes it look messy”.

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You may be infinitely smaller than some things, but you’re infinitely larger than others.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Well the year is ending on so many good notes. I got the promotion at work (yay!) and I started on Icarus a whole 10 days early. I’ve made some good progress so far although each row is now taking longer and longer to get through.

Here it is on Friday night after working on it all evening. Please ignore the polkadot pj’s-it was Friday night and why bother trying to look good?

Friday night Icarus

And then 24 hours later it had become this.

Saturday night Icarus

Ok I admit it doesn’t look like a lot of progress but it’s getting there. So far I am loving the pattern and the yarn. It is so silky to the touch and knits so well-it might be that 50% Tussah Silk that makes it so wonderful.

Well I’m off to put in some cooking time for tomorrow’s Christmas lunch. Happy Holidays to everyone!

It’s a good thing newborns are small, their hats are super fast to knit. I needed some last minute hats for Christmas and now I’m all done. Phew.

Dina's Hat

In fact this was done in the nick of time. Why? Because I got something wonderful in the mail today.

Artsygal yarn

 It’s Artsygal’s laceweight yarn in Gothic Cathedral and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Check out my flickr photos for some closeups of the colors. It’s perfect for Icarus. Casting on will commence on Friday if all goes well and with 10 whole days off from work I’m planning on putting in some serious knitting time.

The first of the toddler/baby hats is finished and it’s not too awful for my first time doing stranded colorwork. Granted it’s probably as simple as it gets but I’m still proud of myself. Many thanks to Ginger for pointing out that I really didn’t have to twist my colors every single time I changed them. Saved me a ton of grief and frustration.

Daniella's Hat

And of course just because it seems the thing to do I give you the inside look.

Hat inside

This hat was one of many firsts. It was the first stranded colorwork, the first 3 needle bindoff and the first tassels. Whew I’m tired now.

I’ll leave you with this last photo. I got an ounce of the roving I love at VY&T and a drop spindle at Weaving Works this weekend. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it all.

Roving and Spindle

They’re done! They’re done!

 Finished RR socks

Look what came in the mail for me today!! I love mail. Especially mail that is stuff I don’t need but definitely want.

Amazon goodies

As for my knitting; well after taking almost an entire week off due to other chaos I went to my Saturday meet up at VY&T where I made some good progress on my second RR sock.

I also managed to sign up for a drop spindle class while I was there. I have no idea how that happened. Let’s just say I succumbed to peer pressure. So come Jan 21st 2007 I will join the ranks of spinners although it remains to be seen whether I have any skill or aptitude for the whole thing.

The RR socks are now on the home stretch, 9 more pattern repeats and 12 rows of ribbing and those puppies are done! I can’t quite decide if I should hold off on playing with the new camera till tomorrow and focus on completing the socks. We shall see.

The next pics posted will definitely be from the new camera. I think it needs a name.

I had to write a nasty note to my neighbor today. She keeps leaving her garbage can uncovered so the birds attack it and spread her trash everywhere. What is so damn hard about putting the f**king lid on? And don’t even get me started on her inability to bring the can back in from the curb in under 5 days.

I’m off to knit to calm my nerves now.

Nothing starts off a week better than a maple bar from Top Pot. Tasty!

I managed to make a lot of progress on the sock last night so here it is in all it’s lonely one sock glory. Rooster Rock sock 1

 As for the title of my post today. Well this came to me at work today. Gift Cert

Nothing says obsessed knitter like being paid in yarn gift certificates. The bumper sticker sealed the deal. I’m definitely the crazy cat lady who knits. My poor coworkers. They don’t know what to do with me.

Spent another lovely afternoon yesterday having lunch with Debi and knitting at VY&T with some other lovely knitters. I might have to make going there a regular Saturday thing.

I got through my errands so efficiently yesterday that I managed to find time to head to Weaving Works. I managed to come away with only a small purchase.

Baby UllThese will be for some baby hats-pattern yet to be decided.

Rooster rock sock So far so good. I managed to get through the foot and turning the heel yesterday. Now onto the endless knitting of the cuff. I’m really glad I decided to frog and change the needle size and pattern. It’s a vast improvement over the odd spiral look I was getting originally. I can’t wait till I can place my big Blue Moon Fiber Arts order; hopefully before the end of the year.

I’m full from a steak dinner and a Hornsby hard apple cider (I wish Strongbow didn’t come in cans) so now I’m off to see if I can knit while watching the new Librarian movie.

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