I admit I had never heard of these little rolls until Jenny brought them up as her suggestion for the May bread. A quick search online shows that while beautiful when made correctly they are also labor intensive and fussy enough that there are very few photos or mentions of this roll anywhere.

The rolls are made of crusty white bread but assembled in such a way that this is not a roll you should attempt for a large group. Each roll is made by carefully flattening out a small ball of dough, placing a cube of cold butter and pinch of fleur de sel in the middle. Then the tricky part is carefully pulling out the dough and folding it over the cube of butter 4-6 times, turning 90 degrees after each fold. The assembled roll is then placed topdown in a bed of flour and then placed flour side up on a baking sheet. The end result is a fancy looking roll that will blossom open in the oven like a flower.

I used my trusty starter and decided on the basic Sourdough bread from The Breadbakers Apprentice as my crusty white bread. I remembered a little late in the day on the 30th that May was almost over so I quickly made my dough and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. I pulled out the chilled dough around 1pm today and let it slowly rise in the cool kitchen. I wanted a slow rise to help develop more flavor so it hung out in the kitchen for almost 6-7 hours before I assembled the rolls.

The rolls may not have looked perfect but the little pat of butter kept the roll moist on the inside while the high heat of the oven created a crisp roll with a little chew from the sourdough.  The sprinkle of salt inside isn’t enough to make the roll salty but adds another dimension to a little white bread roll.

My single batch of sourdough bread made 28 little sacaduros rolls, some will get stored in the freezer for later but the rest are getting saved for tomorrow’s dinner.

Big thanks to Jenny for introducing me to the sacaduros, they are a great way to change up a typical bread roll into a fancy little treat.