I’ve been thinking lately about how this blog doesn’t seem to meet my current hobbies/interests/random crap I decide to try. I’m not sure what has caused this shift from knitting and spinning to more food based activities but I’ve decided to embrace it.
Don’t get me wrong…I still knit but what I work on now doesn’t seem worthy of blogging. I can’t imagine not knitting but lately what draws my interest is working in the kitchen and garden again. I took such a long break from enjoying the process of making food that it seems so wonderful and new to rediscover it again this year. Couple that with this being my 8th year of owning my P-Patch plots and a renewed interest in trying new food I find I’m posting more about bread than I am about yarn.

Of course having a shift in focus when your blog is called Yarn4Brains means you need a new name.

Please post any and all suggestions for a new blogname(even the crazy ones).