It’s my Birthday!!!

I decided to take the day off for a couple of reasons…first being the whole birthday deal. Second I have an aunt and uncle coming through town with their respective families and they will only be in Seattle for a few hours. These are the only two siblings that are younger than my Mom and by far my favorites out of the whole bunch. It’s a big bunch btw…Mom is one of 15.

Taking the day off when no one else will be around has both its perks and drawbacks. I get to avoid anything to do with work for a whole day, I get to only deal with personal email and I can lounge around knitting and watching tv for most of the day. Drawbacks however involve having to make a nice late lunch for the extended family (9-10 total) and the kicker….making my own birthday cake. Anyone who is willing/able to make me a birthday cake ie Mom will be out of town till that day. Last time the Sis decided to bake me a cake I did most of the work.

The plan is to suck it up and not only bake my own birthday cake but also get my annual doc visit out of the way. Cuz nothing says Happy Birthday like an appt with stirrups 🙂