It took a while after my trip to London to get back in the groove for knitting. Almost a month in fact since I had picked up the needles. I managed to find other crafty projects to occupy my time but eventually I pulled out a wallowing project and gave it some love.

When I last worked on the February Fitted Pullover I had just started on the sleeves before realizing that no amount of knitting time would make it possible for me to take on my trip. It went in a bag and there it sat until late March. It’s a little embarrassing to admit it took a little bit to get back into the rhythm of knitting again but eventually I got the hang of it (just don’t stare too closely at a certain spot on one of the sleeves)

I used some black Adagio yarn I stashed last year during my time working at a LYS and the silk and llama blend was heavenly to work with.  The yarn is a looser 2 ply, the silk has a subtle sheen and the llama ends up with a nice soft halo. Due to the fiber content the yarn doesn’t have a lot of bounce but it worked out wonderfully in the simple lace pattern of the FFP. The Adagio does shed a little so I expect to be cleaning my shirts of the extra fuzz for a bit but it’s worth it.

I of course finished the sweater just in time for a warm Spring so it will get packed away until Fall but I’m thrilled with how it turned out. I had a few issues with the decreases on the front so had to redo the left side but it was my lack of ability to knit to pattern than anything wrong with the pattern itself. All in all I’m loving my new sweater. Even if I can’t wear it till October.

As for getting those 10 balls of yarn to stretch when I decided to add several inches to the length of the body? Well I shortened the sleeves (and the drape of the Adagio made this barely noticable) and squeaked by with just enough yarn.