I never grew up eating a wide variety of breads, our options in Hong Kong were typically limited to basic variations of white or wheat sandwich bread or Chinese steamed buns. I’m also the only one in my family who loves bread, the rest are in the range of “eh whatever you have works” to “Screw the bread, give me rice!” It wasn’t until I went to culinary school that I got to try a lot of different breads, one of which was Challah. Even then it wasn’t until I started working at La Tienda Cadiz that I really grew to like it. Every morning I made a batch of saffron Challah buns sweetened with honey for sandwiches and every weekend I also made large braids for the cafe to sell.

It wouldn’t have been ‘right’ to not taste test the buns frequently…very few things are better than a hot saffron honey Challah bun slathered in butter. I did this for about a month before I realized I’d gained 5lbs just from eating that damn bread every day.

During the cleanup when I found the beloved Broa recipe I also found the original Challah recipe. Over my time at LTC I had tweaked the honey amounts a little but never wrote down what I did so when it came to make the April bread I stayed true to the original.

I opted to pull out my Pullman loaf pan for this bread in the hopes I would have some wonderful french toast Challah. It’s a pan I don’t use often and as a result I’m never really sure about the amount of bread dough that it can hold. I’ve underfilled it before and this time I overfilled. There was a bit of mess but thankfully no actual bread explosion.

A little pale, a little crumbly overall still tasty.

I will be trying the Challah again but make a braid and some buns. I’m not sure if the Pullman pan created issues with baking properly or if it had just been too long since I’d made it and lost the ‘touch’.

Challah french toast with a side of homemade bacon. Not a bad breakfast at all.