Well ok technically Damson was finished in Dec 2009 but it’s taken me this long to photograph it. I can’t wait till Spring shows up and I can actually see that unfamilar yellow ball in the sky again.

3 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in Turqiouse bought at Little Knits right before Seasocks 2008. 450yards of lovely bright blue dk weight yarn just wallowing in stash before I could decide on what to make. Then along comes Damson and while the original pattern used fingering weight I wanted to see if I could ‘make it work’.

I came close.

I realized quickly that I was going to run out of yarn if I knit to the original pattern so I stopped at row 63 and with some creative math I smushed the lace pattern to fit the stitches I had. It involved starting on row 3 of the lace pattern and after the double decreases in that row I added a k2tog. I probably could have made a triple decrease but honestly it didn’t occur to me until afterwards to do that.

I happily knit along until once again I realized that even with my mods I was still going to run out of yarn. Sigh. So I cast off about 5 rows early instead of finishing the entire chart. There was no way the loopy edging was going to happen. I had less than a yard of yarn leftover.

Thankfully despite the mods the heavier yarn still makes this a good sized shawl, 4 skeins would have been better but 3 skeins with modifications are still a pleasing result. Damson made the trip to London with me this month and held up well to being bundled underneath my jacket for my long walks around town.

Now for Damson project #2.

Doesn’t it look lovely?

If you recall I started this project of Damson Liqueur back in August 2009. Once the plums, sugar and alcohol were bottled up I stored them in a dark corner of the garage. I had originally planned for the liquer to steep till just before Christmas but I kind of forgot about them.

The plums quickly took on a creepy wrinkled look as they infused the alcohol, I’ve read some posts about how people keep the shriveled plums for another batch or to cook with but I decided to toss them. There really wasn’t any flesh left on mine and I couldn’t really see the point in keeping wrinkly plum pits.

It’s a stunning garnet color and quite delicious. I ended up making 3 jars with vodka and 1 with gin to see if there was a flavor difference.

A bottle is heading over to Jenny while I might just hoard the rest for myself.