I swear I made this bread in January even if I have taken weeks to blog about it. 🙂

I can’t recall if I ever mentioned the Portugese Broa recipe I love/adore/obsess about. It’s a recipe from my days as the bread baker and then asst pastry chef at a tapas restaurant in Seattle. (the bread baker job was at the shortlived sibling restaurant). The Broa was our made in house bread that we baked off daily. It’s hearty and versatile and it keeps fresh for longer than typical artisan style breads. For those of you unfamiliar with Broa it is a dense cornmeal bread, my recipe uses honey and olive oil which adds a fabulous flavor and excellent moisture retention.

When I left the restaurant back in 2004 I took with me several key recipes I wanted for my own personal use (the famous spiced chocolate dessert will have to wait for another post) but I promptly lost those precious papers before I could ever bake the first loaf. Those recipes remained lost until this year (yes I know…6 years…I hate cleaning ok) and the glee I felt when I worked my way through a stack of random paperwork only to unearth them was pretty juvenile. I think there was jumping involved.

I had found my January bread recipe. My goal for the year is to bake a new bread recipe each month and while technically this isn’t “new” I figure 6 years is long enough to call it close enough.

Check out that lovely golden crust. I used medium yellow cornmeal, cheap clover honey and SAF Instant Yeast.

What I love about the Broa is how versatile it is. It tastes great just sliced and buttered, it’s delicious toasted with a little butter and honey, hearty and filling when served with sardines and avocados. Best of all once it’s a little past its prime it works great in a bread pudding.

I like it best with bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon, served with a little creme fraiche or whipped cream.