This year the goals will be a little different. In addition to knitting/spinning goals I’m also adding some baking goals as well.


1: Steeks. Doesn’t need to be a BIG project but I’ve been putting this challenge off for years and it’s time I face it.

2: Knit at least 1 sock yarn shawl. I have 78 skeins of sock yarn and it will take me YEARS to knit that all into socks.

3: Knit something out of one of my precious Wollmeise sock yarns. I’ve got 4 skeins that deserve to be knit up.


1: Spin my Fair Isle sweater yarn. This was started for Tour de Fleece 2009 but never made it past 12oz of singles. I still have 1.25lbs of grey left to spin plus about 12oz of white left to spin and ply up before I can call this project complete.

2: Spin a true laceweight yarn.


1: Participate in all the Daring Bakers challenges.

2: Try at least 1 new bread recipe each month.

I think I’m going to have a busy year ahead of me.