Did I make it?

January 1st 2009: 233 skeins of yarn

October 1st 2009: peaked at 254 skeins

December 31st 2009……


Oh hell yes I made it 🙂

The plan was to aim for a 20% reduction of my stash which would have brought me to 186.5 skeins. I managed to squeeze in just enough knitting at the end of the year to make it possible although without a little destashing in October/November I probably wouldn’t have made it. I managed to sell off a few projects worth of yarn that I just wasn’t going to put to good use.

The stash is still pretty substantial but it felt good to whittle it down just a bit this year. It made me really look at what I’ve bought over the years and where the ‘holes’ in my stash are. What I lack in heavier weight yarns or large project sized quantities I more than make up for in sheer volume of sock yarn. Holy crap I have a lot of sock yarn. 78 skeins of sock yarn to be exact.

Yes out of 185 skeins of yarn in stash, 78 of them are sock yarns. 42%. Ridiculous.