Warning. This is a picture heavy post and if you have zero interest in homebrewing you might get a little bored.

What started with this.

Eventually became this.

I am lucky enough to have a good friend Jenny from my culinary school days who has been delving into the homebrew experiments for quite a while now and she graciously agreed to be my guide during my first attempt at hard cider.

We went to Cellar Homebrew in Greenwood (conveniently quite close to my house) to pick up all the necessary equipment and we were off.

Check out that highly unexciting carboy full of fresh apple cider and yeast. Doesn’t look like much does it.

Here it is after 2 days. Hmmm am I sure I want to drink that in the end?

I will spare you a day by day collage of the cider as it brewed/fermented/whatever it is called.

Needless to say I had no idea watching CO2 bubble out of an airlock could be so fascinating. More than once or twice I caught myself muttering “It’s ALIVE!!!”

Of course the hard part wasn’t santizing a big 5 gallon glass carboy without dropping it, nor was it racking and bottling of the freshly made cider. Nope the hard part has just arrived.

The waiting.

See turns out hard cider isn’t all that tasty right after brewing. Really good hard cider requires time to age and mellow and essentially be all it can be. The earliest I’m going to start tasting the cider will be Christmas and I don’t expect it to start being ‘good’ until March 2010. ¬†Based on the very young cider I tasted today I can expect this batch to get very dry once it’s aged properly.

I hate waiting.