Ah what a difference a month can make.

First I took another look at my stash and focused on a few yarns that I liked but didn’t love. After a little debating I decided to offer them up for destash on Rav. I’m still counting them in my ‘stash’ for now until I get to sell them but mentally I’ve set them aside. I have 7 skeins of Malabrigo in Pagoda that I planned on making my FLS out of but since I picked and knitted another yarn those 7 skeins have languished in the stash. The more I thought about it the less I wanted a sweater out of the yarn…so if you are in the market for a malabrigo sweater in reds you know where to find the yarn 🙂

Nov 1st stats:

Miles: 30

lbs: 35

Skeins: 224

How did I do it?

The Neverending Garter Blanket is done (insert imaginary happy dance here). I cast off the i-cord border at 11.40pm October 31st. I had finished the body of the blanket the night before (thank god for my backlog of Tivo recordings that made it bearable). I decided to weave in the ends that night because it is a task I hate. I finally finished that around 1am because I had to keep stopping to move a cat off the blanket in order to work on another section. The good thing is I know Nicki will migrate to the blanket whenever it is out.

I spent all of the 31st working on 4000+ stitches of i-cord bindoff. I hauled it with me to Sat knitting and made it through 1 short side before giving up. Once home again it was more random tv watching and since I had rented The Proposal for mom this week I decided to pop that in to watch too. It reminded me why I tend to not like that genre of movies.

Around 10pm I realized I still had an entire long section to work on and I started to panic I wouldn’t finish in time. Yes I realize it was an arbitrary deadline and really my goal for the year was to get it done by Dec 31st not Oct 31st. However after realizing how badly I was doing at my own Stashdown I NEEDED a win.

In hindsight I should have done the i-cord in a larger needle to compensate for the stretch of the garter stitch but I’m still happy with it. It might have taken 20 months to knit from beginning to end but it sure is comfy.

Now if you don’t mind…I’m going to browse Rav for a complicated lace or cable pattern, all that mindless garter stitch has made my brain cells fall asleep so they need a little kickstart.