Math is not my strong suit. Not by a long shot. In fact I would say my ability to do accurate math is really quite laughable.

You may remember this blanket.

I was motoring along with the mindless garter stitch trying to decide how much yarn I had left and how to rework the last 2 sections so I could have enough for an i-cord edging. The problem is when I bought the yarn I got enough for the blanket and didn’t think to add extra for edging. I figured I wouldn’t do one. Only problem is when I picked up the blanket again this October after it lay hibernating for 6 months I realized it really needed one. An edging would take it from looking ‘ok’ to ‘finished’.

I got it in my head I REALLY wanted to do the edging in the chocolate truffle color and spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how much yarn would be needed for an i-cord edging. It seemed so easy. Just pick a finished section and count the rows that an entire ball of yarn used up and multiply that by the number of stitches per row. I counted a section of garter ridges and dutifully multiplied it by the number of stitches per row and voila I had my number.

I reworked the final size of the last 2 sections based on my numbers and boom I was on my way. Then the voice of reason spoke up (aka Sewcrafty). We are both working on the same blanket and are now in fact in a friendly race to see who finishes first (I’m currently barely in the lead). When she asked for how I did my math for deciding how much yarn was needed in the i-cord she pointed out I missed a crucial step.

Turns out I multiplied stitches per row by garter stitch ridges…and forgot to multiple that by 2 in order to get the actual stitch count. I was thinking each ball of yarn got me 2300 stitches instead of 4600. Sigh.

Armed now with my new CORRECT math I revisited my pattern and well wouldn’t you know it….I could make it almost the full size AND still have enough leftover for my edging. The blanket is working out to be wider than I had wanted so shaving a few inches off the width gives me plenty of yarn to make my chocolate truffle i-cord edging.

Of course the downside to all this is now I have a lot left of the blanket to knit than I did a week ago.

Now that I have my end goal in sight I’ve been powering through the mindless knitting. So much so that despite making the blanket almost fullsize again (10 rows shorter than originally planned) I’m down to my last 10% to knit.

In fact in a fit of obsession I even reworked my progress chart in Excel to include the icord edging because before that was ‘extra’.

That 10% I have left to knit?

That INCLUDES the icord edging! (I see the light at the end of the blanket)