It’s been quiet both here on the blog and in the shop lately but I swear I haven’t been goofing off (too much).

Want to know what has been consuming my every waking moment?


LOTS and LOTS of fiber.

68lbs of assorted fiber in fact, 9 different fiber blends, over 20 colors.

I’m a little tired but oh so impressed that I not only dyed all this up in 4 weeks but that the original schedule gave me 5 weeks to do it…and that was when I wasn’t working fulltime at the new day job.

I have one other major project in the works that prevents me from completely relaxing and as each day counts down to OFFF I’m probably going to need more talks down from the ledge from friends and hopefully those friends know me well enough to come armed with hard cider.

I can’t stop looking at all the pretty colors.