Everyone seems to have Damson (Rav link) on their minds lately but the ones I’ve been thinking of are of the fruit persuasion.

One of my new coworkers (incidentally an old boss of mine…yes sometimes this city is very small) invited me over to come pick some of her damson plums. The tree is apparently prolific and there was only so much jam she could make. I couldn’t resist the opportunity for some free fruit, especially ones I’ve never tried before.

I headed over this morning with Jenny and we proceeded to pick to our hearts content. If we were more adventurous/taller we could have harvested more but I think we picked well over 30lbs between the two of us. She has plans to make some damson wine (which I’m very excited about) and I had two recipes in mind for my harvest.

Recipe 1. Damson Liqueur.

I found plenty of recipes online and in the process found a new blog I had to immediately add to my reader but eventually decided to go with a 1lb damson/8oz sugar/250ml alcohol version. Not only is that easy to remember but it filled my quart canning jars perfectly.

Now all I have to do is remember to shake the jars once a week for 8 weeks (some recipes recommend longer) before decanting and bottling. I used up the last of my vodka and made one jar of gin just to see the difference. I have no clue how it’s going to turn out but all it cost me was 2lbs of sugar and a bottle of vodka that I wasn’t drinking anyway.

The rest of the plums are waiting to become jam but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Right now I have a giant pile of undyed roving that is demanding my attention.