The aftermath of Sock Summit and the realization that Stashdown 2009 is a beyond laughable concept right now is still pretty fresh in my mind. Perhaps that is why I motored through my SS09 socks with relative speed (compared to say the Viper Pilot socks).

I will admit there was some non-commuting time knitting but mostly because I don’t have another project on the needles right now that is easy and mindless knitting. The Gull Wing socks are both those things yet fun to knit.

I cast on with my Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk in “Almonds Branches in Bloom” the night I got my Toe-Up book from Chrissy. I actually knit very little while in Portland but really made some progress in the last week.

In the last week between having an hour of bus knitting every day plus the little bit of time I’ve pulled myself away from the dye table I have finished the cuff of the first sock and then sped my way through the entire second sock. It’s Wednesday and I finished casting off the last stitch just as the bus pulled into the Park & Ride.

Check them out! Sorry for the corkboard and plastic sheeting in the background. I wove in the ends after dinner and by then all natural light was gone. You get to see the tiny part of the dye table that is clean.

I loved every part of these socks.

I decided to try the shaped round toe for a change and I’m cursing not trying it out sooner. I put these socks on and I no longer have toe ‘ears’ from the usual toe I do. Why did it never occur to me until reading Chrissy’s book about how I should make a rounder toe because my feet are wide with short toes (known in my family as “Emma’s Stumpy Feet”)

It shouldn’t surprise me that the yarn does pool on the foot but because of the slipped stitches on the instep that effect is all but obliterated. It has a similar effect as my Jester Leyburns I knit a few months ago but after knitting both the Gull Wing is by far my favorite.

Plus my second attempt at a hybrid heel (first were stockingnette socks that are quite roomy) worked out perfectly. I think the pattern called for a different heel and bindoff but I went with the hybrid and YO cast off. Super stretchy for the cuff and the stranding of the pattern prevents the gusset from getting too baggy for my low arches.

All in all…a great pair of socks from a great pattern and in a wonderful yarn. I’m thrilled with the socks on so many levels.