I finally made and finished my first cowl. I’ve always liked the look of them but never really saw myself as much of a ‘cowl’ person. However I got in a small batch of a new yarn I’m thinking of adding to Dragonfibers so I needed a good project for it.

I looked up and down on Ravelry trying to find just the right one without success so I pulled out my Barbara Walker Treasury #1 and went looking for a stitch pattern. I wanted something simple yet lacy, a stitch that would show off the kettledyed reds and browns I picked out for my test skein. I decided on the Openwork Leaf Pattern. Since I prefer charts I downloaded the knitting font and made a quick and dirty Excel chart to read off of.

I would model it but the abnormally warm weather here makes that more than a little unpleasant. The yarn in case you’re interested is 50% superwash merino and 50% tussah silk, a nice medium fingering weight and is tentatively called Empress.  The test knit went really well and I’m waiting on feedback from another test knitter on her thoughts.

In other knitting news…

Another test yarn. This is a heavy laceweight/light fingering superwash BFL yarn that I just got in. I’ve been wanting to make a nice lacy shawl and this is a perfect reason to cast on. After much indecision and waffling I finally settled on Waves of Grain from Fall Knitty 2008. The patterns on Ravelry that kept calling my name were all heavily beaded shawls and since I’ve never done beaded knitting I decided to go with baby steps. It would have really sucked to get 50 beads into the 6000 bead shawl before I realized that I hated beaded knitting 🙂

The sad progress so far. I cast on at Saturday knitting and was happily knitting along until I got 10 rows in and realized I had made 2 mistakes on the first row that I then continued up through all 10 rows. Sigh. It was frogged and started over again.

This project is going with me to Sock Summit though. I’m going to try and get tickets to the world record attempt event and since you can only knit on straights for it to count I have these on some bamboo straights. It’s been so long since I’ve worked with anything but circulars or DPN’s that I almost took out my eye the other day when turning my work.

Speaking of Sock Summit, I decided somewhat belatedly to make up some stitch markers for the swap that seems to be going on at the event. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but it looks like some folks will be walking around with markers on their bags/jackets etc and you can offer to trade with them so you get new ones. Kind of a cool way to meet people and bring home little mementos of the trip.

I of course found some very cute coffee bean beads at Fusion Beads. I highly recommend them, not only do they have a great selection but they are some of the friendliest people there. When I explained what I was making I got lots of help finding the right kind of jump rings and they loved the idea of a sock knitting summit.

I’m now off to finish cleaning the house before Sobe arrives tomorrow and then it is off to Sock Summit. I’ve planned ahead and already gone to the bank to get cash for the marketplace…the last thing I need is to use my credit card there.

PS. For anyone keeping track of my continued lack of fulltime employment…think lots of happy thoughts for me this week. I have two very good potential prospects and I’m trying not to get too excited yet am secretly thrilled at the sudden interest.