Let me start off by saying that I didn’t pay full retail prices for any of the yarn I am about to show you. I got to attend the NW Needle Market which is  a small Seattle type TNNA of sorts. Very small but lots of cool people and stuff to be seen.

I did pretty well checking out all the different booths, I resisted the Frog Tree Alpaca full bags despite the killer price but was handed some free samples of their Meriboo roving that I am going to spin up soon to see how I like it.

Then I walked into a booth with Louisa Harding and Mirasol. A while back I had bought myself a skein of Mirasol Qina at VYT because I couldn’t stop touching it. That skein was part of the small stash I brought to the house when I moved in January and every now and then I pull it out to pet it. Well the booth had grab bags for sale and one that was listed at $25 had lots of Qina in it. I was sold and what made it even better is that I got $10 off as well. Yes I got 7 skeins of Qina and 3 skeins of Miski for only $15!!!

Can I just say this pile of yarn is so incredibly pettable?

I wandered through some more booths and finally came to one of the Skacel spots. There I got to see Adagio yarn for the first time. It’s a worsted weight 70% baby llama and 30% silk yarn and OMG it is heavenly. I believe it is being discontinued which is a shame. I struck out on my first two color choices but I couldn’t pass up the Sunday deal they had on the full bags. I picked up a bag of black for $20.

Yup. I got 20 balls of incredibly soft, luxurious and oh so pettable yarn for only $35.  According to what I can find online those yarn should retail for around $192.

Can you blame a gal for stashing?