Yeah I realize I forgot to blog about Day 1.

I did the math on Day 1 and realized I have to spin about 4oz per day in order to finish in time. That isn’t an easy goal for me to keep but so far I’ve managed to do it.

Day 1 started off pretty well, I met Jen and Ginger for breakfast at the FPH. I’m a sucker for their hot chocolate because they put whipped cream AND sprinkles on it.

Once we made it to 3rd Place Ginger and I got setup and started spinning. We got the usual looks and little kids and their parents coming by to watch and ask questions. Sadly I ran out of steam before I finished my first 4oz so I packed up and went home. After a short rest I started spinning again.

The first 4oz.

I’ve found if I pack my singles well I can just BARELY fit 4oz onto my Lendrum bobbins.

This is Day 2. I took the picture with the flyer so you can see how little space is left once I cram on those 4oz.

It’s embarressing to admit that the second 4oz took me almost all afternoon to spin. I haven’t been able to find the right speed I want to go at with this fiber plus the lack of good tv really slows me down. At one point I even fell asleep. I did take lots of breaks which might have contributed to the slow progress. I got up twice to make mini batches of homemade kettlekorn. Delicious stuff.

On one of those breaks I came back to the couch to find this. Nicki spent most of the afternoon sleeping next to me while I spun but apparently the lure of the roving became too much for him to resist.