May the madness begin.

Terri came up with the idea of a Team Dragonfibers* this year and of course I had to join. Then came the realization that my goal for TdF wasn’t to spin small projects of Dragonfibers but to tackle a large project. Namely the Zimmerman Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.(rav link)

I’ve admired this pattern for ages and knew I wanted to make a handspun version. I bought some merino/alpaca in late 2007/early 2008.

“I’m 3lbs of fiber you dummy, how can you possibly expect to spin all of me evenly for a sweater?” it mocked while it sat staring at me.

I put it away in storage when I moved in January and pretended it didn’t exist.

Then TdF came around again. Last year I spun a shawl’s worth of yarn (that I STILL have to mail off to Pam so she can knit a Charlotte’s Web for me).

This year I boldly thought “Lets make it an even bigger challenge!…it’s not like you have a 40hr/week job to pull you away from spinning like a machine”

I’m pretty certain this was the moment we can look back on and say that is when I lost my mind.

3lbs of superwash merino/alpaca in pewter and 8oz ecru BFL.

I know 3lbs is overkill but I figure I might as well spin it all up and KNOW I won’t run out. I’m debating upping the BFL as well just in case.

The reason the BFL is undyed? That would be because I realized about 3 days ago I didn’t know what colors I wanted in my fair isle sweater. I also realized that deciding 5 days before TdF started was maybe not the best time to make a color decision. It will be spun as is and dyed once I’m going to work on the sweater. Who knows when that will happen so my color choices will very likely be different than my choice today.

12lb cat (Nicki) for scale.

The plans have been made, Ginger and I are going to meet at 3rd Place earlier in the day in order to kick start TdF off right (I suspect you will find our table adorned with necessities such as giant lattes and chocolate croissants).

Nicki finds the whole TdF event  quite uninteresting. Notice what a good kitty he is to not even care about the giant balls of fluff next to him.

*If you haven’t joined a team yet or want to join another come on and join Team Dragonfibers!