Uh oh this can’t be good.

I was inspired by Grumperina’s hotpad swap a little while ago and somehow brought home 5 skeins of King Tut cotton from Little Knits the other day. (seriously how DOES yarn crawl into my bag?)

It’s crochet!!

I picked up a copy of 200 Crochet Blocks at VYT a few weeks ago when I stopped by to run a favor for a fellow Raveler. I really like the Harmony Guides I have but I loved a lot of these blocks. Not too fussy but not too boring either.

I was in the middle of crocheting the first hotpad when Mom called from NYC, she arrived safe and sound and only one of the eggs broke (long story but apparently Mom can pack 3 dozen backyard free range chicken eggs in her suitcase and only break one in transit). Mom is there visiting with Aunt #4 for 2 months while she recovers from surgery and goes through chemo. Aunt #4 was busy enjoying the eggs and homemade organic butter I made for her so I’m a good niece right now. I mentioned to Mom what I was working on and before I knew it I was making more.

2 fancy hotpads for Aunt #4

and their backsides.

I decided 2 wasn’t enough so I dug into the Sugar n Cream stash that never seems to shrink and whipped out some superbasic ones.

1 ball down, 9 to go.

I’m debating pulling out the knitting machine and working up some simple blanks to crochet edging on to send in the package as well. I’m all about trying to destash fast right now. With Tour de Fleece fast approaching I realize just how little knitting time I will have before Sock Summit. I fully expect to have stashing problems at that event.