I’m loving the Viper Pilot pattern, I love the DIC Starry yet the sock progress is going agonizingly slow.

I finished the cuff per pattern instructions and tried it on but due the slight gauge difference the cuff was too long. As in halfway up my calf too long. I spent a good part of Sat knitting group frogging back to row 40 only to find out that row 40 is not an exact match for row 22 which is where I was supposed to stop. I couldn’t bear the thought of figuring out the new heel pattern right then so I cast on for the second cuff.

It’s still taking me forever. I think I knit more this weekend than I did all weeklong. I’ve just finished the cuff on the second sock and now I have to pull out all the charts so I can reconfigure things. I reckon if I do each piece one right after another I stand a better chance of remembering the mods.

I’ve been doing just a little dyeing lately and will be adding almost 10lbs of roving and yarn to the shop on the 16th. As time goes by I consider the possibility of trying to make Dragonfibers a full-time job but I’m not sure I’m ready to take the leap yet.

There has been a few cooking experiments of sorts going on in my kitchen this past week but nothing I think anyone else wants to see. One won’t be ready for another week but I hope it will be as tasty as I want it to be.

Oh and I knit a whopping 6 rows of garter stitch blanket so far this month. So much for being ahead of schedule.

In other random news…I get the house to myself for 5 days due to both parents heading out of town (to visit their respective siblings) so I find myself wondering where I can get a keg of hard cider in Seattle 🙂