There are times when having a Mom who taught you how to knit is frustrating, made doubly so when you are living with her. A good example is when you knit socks and comments are made about how you should do some “real” knitting only to be asked a few months later to teach her how to knit those useless socks herself. I’ve also discovered that bringing home new yarn should be done secretively in order to avoid a lecture on spending money frivolously. Then again there are times when sharing a house with a knitter is a good thing.

I finally pulled out the 7 skeins of Aracania Ranco this week that has been languishing in the stash for a while. I bought the first 2 skeins back in 2006 at PhillyKnittyFest but the chevron scarf that it was planned for never looked right. Those 2 skeins got me through 6 hours of waiting at the John Wayne Airport so they served me well.

Flash forward 2 years and somehow I come home with 5 more skeins (3 different colors) after an impulse trip to Little Knits. This was all before I realized that Ranco may be marketed as a sock yarn but it isn’t superwash which goes against my most basic sock yarn rule. “Thou shall not be handwash only”.

What to do with 7 skeins of sock weight handwash only kettledyed yarn?

Granny square blanket!

I pulled out the crochet hook and found the basic granny square instructions and went to work while watching more of season 6 of SG-1. Mom wanders in when the square is about 8″ across and declares the yarn too pretty to be used for a blanket. I show her all the skeins and poof…instant destash to Mom.  😀

There has been some good progress on the Viper Pilot socks but nothing that has been photographed lately. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the cuff and the chart is finally starting to be intuitive.

Mostly I’ve been doing stuff like this.

Dad’s birthday dessert. A spicy dark chocolate mousse cube with burnt meringue and tequila caramel sauce. Labor intensive but oh so worth it.

I also just realized today is the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago and I still remember sitting by the tv watching it all unfold. It had only been a few years since it became official that Hong Kong would revert back to China so everyone was a little on edge waiting to see how it would unfold. It made me proud yet sad at the same time to watch what was going on. Proud that so many people could gather for democratic change and sad that violence is once again the kneejerk reaction.