Poor Daniel. First he gets ignored for several months and I sort of play with him for a little bit in March. Then he gets ignored yet again until this last weekend.

Once I finished the Green Sweater I felt the itch to start something new. Since those Viper Pilot socks are the kind that require some semblance of attention I decided to finally pick up the test braid of roving from the floor where it had been lying for several weeks (I never said I was a good housekeeper). 

Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon roving, splatterdyed with yellows, reds and blues. I started spinning on Saturday afternoon at the usual Third Place Books gathering and zipped through one bobbin pretty quickly.

Sunday night I couldn’t resist the wheel again and before I knew it I had all 3 bobbins filled. 

Aren’t they pretty?

Too bad there was a problem with plying them.

The Fire & Ice Merino/Bamboo that I finished working on in March was never taken off the bobbin.  10 minutes later all was fixed and I was ready to ply.

234 yards of 3 ply Sport to DK weight sock yarn. I still have a little left on 2 of the bobbins that I will chainply to get as much of it as I can.

I’m totally surprised at how the roving spun up. I didn’t realized until the yarn was finished just how much yellow was in the roving. All I could see in the braid was a pale yellow cream with bright red and blue splotches. Those bright colors were strong but still not the dominant color. 

I’m totally in love with the finished yarn. To me it actually feels softer than the commerically spun 3ply yarn I got from the mill. I think I will get more of this.