It’s done!!! 

Overall I used way less yarn than expected. I had 22 balls of the mystery China yarn and despite knitting it double stranded I only used 8 balls of it. I really don’t want another green sweater but 14 balls is definitely enough for one. Good thing Mom knits because then I could ‘destash’ those remaining balls to her.

I made this almost exactly as the pattern dictates. I only varied because I had cast on for the wrong size and had to frog back over half my work. I wasn’t going to frog back to the beginning just to have a minicule difference in collar size. I briefly considered a few short rows for the bust but once again my laziness kicked in. Odds are I will rarely actually button this up so any effort to add length to the front vs the back would really be indistinguishable.

I had planned on making 3/4 length sleeves but once I got to the length suggested by the pattern I decided against that route. The shaping of the body and overall style of the cardigan just seemed a little too casual and summery for 3/4 sleeves. Besides shorter sleeves meant less knitting which means finishing in May and having time to start on something new.

Ok so it doesn’t look like much but the finished socks should be fabulous. It’s the Viper Pilot sock that was of course inspired by Battlestar Galactica. As soon as the pattern was released I knew I wanted to knit it and last week I was at Little Knits when a box from Dream in Color was opened to reveal a bunch of Starry yarn. My favorite colorway has always been Night Watch and when I saw it in the Starry I was sold. (I didn’t realize until I had started working on the sock that the original was also knit in Night Watch but in Smooshy yarn).

Holy crap this is going to be a slow going sock. Until I memorize the 7 different cables that the sock uses there is going to be a lot of ‘hmm what is that symbol, ok look at the legend’. This is also going to be a definite knit in good lighting and sober type of sock. 

Last night would not have been a good night to knit the sock…there may have been some drunk texting going on and I do apologize to any of you who got them. Those Blakberi Lemondrops were addictive.