I have to admit I love ‘testing’ new yarns and fibers all in the name of Dragonfibers research. I’ve been wanting to test out a new sock yarn for a while and finally was able to get the weight I wanted as a sample.

80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon.

The sqooshiness of merino, the decadence of cashmere and the durability of nylon. What more can a knitter want? Perhaps some seriously nice yardage of over 530 yards per 4oz? Perfect for a nice shawl or a pair of kneehigh socks (if you don’t have the misfortune of short sturdy legs like myself).

I will admit these were knit on 00 needles in order to get 9st/inch. It’s a combination of my incredibly loose knitting habit and the light fingering weight yarn. I have it on good authority that the matching skein is being test knit by a self-proclaimed ‘tight knitter’ on size 1’s and getting 8-9st/inch.

I do have a couple lbs of this blend in roving form that I’m also going to play with. I have my test braid waiting to be spun up before I offer up some test braids to any of you who might be interested.

Tonight I got to taste the first harvest of lettuce from the P-Patch and last night I had some of the spinach which was delicious. The potatoes are growing nicely and the chinese veggies are doing well. Sadly my petite pois peas are apparently a favorite of a very hungry pest since they (and the other peas) are quite mangled looking. I had been hoping to move the last of my veggie plants out to the garden this week but last week’s prolonged sunshine lulled me into false hope. Tonight I listened to the rain beat down on the windows while thunder crackled in the skies.  I found myself wondering if the bear that has been roaming North Seattle for the last 2 days has found shelter.