I have to admit that not having a regular work schedule to deal with on the weekdays has it’s perks. I joined Ginger for a morning matinee of Star Trek (when did matinees start costing $8???). Loved it. I spent a good portion of the movie wondering when the hell my beloved Simon Pegg was going to show up but overall the movie did well. Just enough cheese for my viewing enjoyment.

After a strange bout of cleaning (it really rarely happens) that has my bedroom looking somewhat livable and the majority of my clothes and linens usable again I sat down to knit. Sadly I discovered something rather tragic.

I finally tried on the Green Sweater and came to the realization that the armholes are just way too big. It might be hard to tell but the bottom of the armhole is about 3-4″ below my actual armpit. Just low enough that any sleeve is not only going to be bulky but also prevent me from moving my arms around comfortably. I couldn’t figure out how the pattern was so far off when I finally pulled out a tape measure and realized that I had been knitting the wrong size. Turns out I was a good 3-4″ off on my bust size so when I picked the size I needed to knit I was knitting the next size up from what was needed. Sigh.



Yup. I spent my afternoon frogging over 9″ of knitting in order to get back to the part of the pattern that matched the next size down. 

I should take consolation that now I have even fewer stitches per row to knit than before so making up the lost ground won’t take as long but damn that is a small consolation. I’m mostly mentally chastising myself for not paying closer attention to the size I needed to knit and for not trying on the sweater earlier. I had the same issue with Amused and ended up knitting the size smaller than what I ‘thought’ I needed.

Mental note for the next sweater: The boobs may not be small but they aren’t THAT big 🙂