FYI if you ever have to move your yarn stash into a storage unit do not under any circumstances let a non-knitter friend decide where to put the yarn box. If you do you might find out that your dear friend stashed it all the way in the back of the long skinny unit…tucked away behind the bed AND sofa. You will then spend about an hour cursing that friend’s name while you struggle to shift furniture and boxes just enough in order to gain access to the all important yarn.

The garter stitch blanket has been set aside for a few days, it is offically too big for anything but knitting at home and I needed a break from the endless knit knit knit.

So I cast on for The Green Sweater yesterday. It’s the top down Summer Cardigan from Knitting Pure & Simple. Not much more exciting than a garter blanket but at least there are purl rows now.

Is it a sweater yet?

Since the yardage on the Mystery China Yarn is unknown (only info that Mom was able to decipher off the label was that it is 100% wool and 50 grams). I did a quick and dirty WPI test and figured out it is a basic fingering weight at 16 WPI. Knitting it doubled gives me gauge for the Summer Cardigan so then I was faced with the task of winding all the yarn into double-stranded yarn cakes.

In order to keep the tension about the same I wound each cake twice since the original commercial balls had some snags and tightly wound bits. That meant instead of winding all 22 balls into 11 cakes I only wound 12 balls to start off with. Making yarn cakes gets boring really fast.

I did manage to rouse myself pretty early on Saturday in order to hit the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale. This is only the second time I’ve gone and this time Ginger and I got in line an hour before they started. I managed to be good and only came away with a couple of Red Fig tomato plants, a lemon cucumber, some rainbow swiss chard, leeks and an eggplant. I already have the majority of my starts going from seed in the house so I see the sale as a way to support a great organization. 

I won’t lie and say that the freshly made organic vegan donuts from Mighty O Donuts are not a big draw either.  Waking up early to line up at 8am for a 9am plant sale on a Saturday is totally worth it when you get to bite into a hot freshly fried cinnamon sugar donut afterwards (they make them on site at the park). 

Damn. Now I want a donut.