I could have been sneaky and not counted the newly acquired birthday yarn until June since technically it was for a May birthday but let’s face it the yarn is sitting in my stash now so it counts.

I did not do well in April. Yes I could blame the 8 new skeins my sister sent me as a big part of it but some other yarn also made it into the stash through my own doing. There was knitting but not enough to use up everything that I bought in April.

The stats.
Skeins: 229
Weight: 33.80
Miles: 28.40

Seriously I swear if I was allowing myself to count WIP’s in this stashdown there would be progress. I’m ahead of the game for the garter stitch blanket….as in 2 months!!! I’m officially past the halfway mark now. That one project alone would use up almost 20% of my stash but until it is completed all that knitting doesn’t get to count. It makes the progress of Stashdown 2009 look pitiful but once that baby is off the needles it will finally look like I did something!

In the meantime I’ve been itching to make a sweater or cardigan and what better way is there to use up stash? I’m off to try find the mystery China yarn in the storage unit. I have 22 balls of this stuff and I should be able to make a pretty good simple cardigan out of it if I double strand it. I’ve resisted using up this yarn mostly because of the weight and color. I’m not willing to make a fingering weight sweater in my size and the soft celery green isn’t my best color. I was tempted to overdye the yarn before knitting but I was smart enough to realize that the odds of me unraveling 22 50gram balls of yarn into dyeable skeins AND then knitting them was pretty slim.

There may not be any knitting tonight though because I am going to see the new X-men movie. Is it weird that I’m so excited about it? I remember when the first X-men movie came out, I got sneak preview passes from the comic book store at Pike’s Market and while I stood in line to get into the cinema I realized (with a little horror) that the stereotype of comic book guys who live in their mother’s basements is really based in reality. The 5 guys in front of me were actually arguing over which comic book hero would win in a battle against each other.