When Sarah made plans to head to London this past April for her birthday I figured I would be lucky if she would pick up a few candy bars for me. Heck I would have been more than happy with that. When she asked if I wanted her to visit a London LYS while she was there I promptly hopped online and found I Knit. A knitting store with a bar. Sarah said that sounded like the best thing and laughed over the image of it happening in Seattle. Drunk knitters everywhere! 

I pointed out a few yarns that I Knit had listed on their website that sounded interesting and gave her the suggestion of asking one of the employees for help. I wanted something I couldn’t get back home.

A package arrived today and boy oh boy did my sister do good (or the saleperson at I Knit is REALLY good at her job).

First out of the box was this.

Garthenor 100% Organic Jacob in chunky. I’ve got 104yds to play with and it might make an excellent hat.

Next out of the box.

3 skeins of Easy Knits Bamboo Mix sock yarn. According to the note Sarah sent these are colors only sold at I Knit and I couldn’t get it anywhere else in the WORLD. I think that definitely follows me ‘please only get me something I can’t get in Seattle’ request pretty well 🙂 The colors are Big Spendor (yellow and red), Atomic (pinks and purples) and Ashes to Ashes (blue and orange). I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Ashes to Ashes are almost the exact colors of her alma mater….hmmm.

Then came….

4 skeins of Sheep Shop Wensleydale Long Wool. I love the attached note and ‘suggestion’ for a good project to make with the yarn. I’ve only ever come across wensleydale roving before so I love how silky and drapey this yarn is. Definitely going to be a fun knit.

Then I got a big surprise!

A Starbucks mug from Edinburgh! I now have one from my birthplace and while I have no idea where she got it from (still waiting for an answer to that text) I am thrilled. Yeah I know it is only a mug and there are people who are anti-Starbucks but I’m not one of them. We are a Starbucks family in a way. Both Sarah and I have been collecting the city mugs for a while now and while she has far more than me I still enjoy the ones I have. They are great souvenirs and since I like giant mugs of tea these are perfect for that purpose. 

Then lastly…

Candy!!!!! (there is also a package of Jaffa cakes hiding behind the note).

I think the yarn Sarah sent will definitely still be in the stash come Christmas so I certainly won’t feel sad I don’t get to open a new present that day because holy crap this is one heck of a package I got to open today.

Do I have the best sister or what?