Just when I thought Spring would never arrive I made a trip out to the P-Patch last week. 


A little line of spinach seedlings. These were one of the first things to get planted and seeing the bright green leaves made me so happy. The peas are taking a little longer so they were a no show when I checked on them last.

Next on my list to check was the Tatsoi. We planted seeds from two companies this year to see if we had a preference. The ones you see here are from Territorial Seeds. If all goes well we should be eating plenty of Tatsoi this summer.

Technically these were starter plants from the nursery and not grown from seed but it still counts! I used to buy lettuce seeds but it got a little insane since I like growing more than one variety and I don’t have the space to plant 2-3 seed packets worth of lettuce nor can I eat that much salad. I still plan on planting some of my Tom Thumb seeds from last year but now I just buy the mixed packs of red and green loose leaf lettuce that the nurseries carry.

The blackcurrant is blooming. Granted the flowers really aren’t that interesting but oh those tart tiny black berries that come afterwards are worth it. I still have a tub of blackcurrant juice in the freezer from last year and soon I need to make that into some jelly and mixed berry jams.

The last photo I took isn’t technically in my garden, it’s in the flower bed at the northend of the property but I couldn’t resist the colors.

Spring is here!