I’m nothing if not a follower so when Cristi blogged about knitting socks this summer I decided to hop on that bandwagon.
Third Place Books has a copy of Sock Innovation on hold for me right now and I will be heading there tomorrow to see what inspires me. While I was at it I also ordered Intentional Spinner and reserved a copy of Alice Starmore’s Fair Isle Knitting. (It’s dangerous knowing a book buyer there)

I was apparently in a book buying mood today.

In an effort to avoid spending an entire summer with my hair once again tied in a ponytail I came home with a few cotton blend yarns from Little Knits the other day. I have a crazy idea of wearing knitted headbands to keep my hair down yet out of my face (plastic headbands always pinch my head and give me headaches).

A garter stitch headband in Bamboozle. Cast on because I got tired of knitting the garter stitch blanket. Oh the irony. 

I’ve been wearing it all day and so far it works well. I can see it being useless in strong wind but for everyday wear it should be fine. The other 3 skeins of Bunny Hop, Panda Cotton and Coton Micro Fibres will be made into slightly more interesting headbands.

Then again once I pick up the sock book I may be consumed by only knitting socks.