I’m trying desperately not to get cocky about how I’m ahead of schedule with my garter stitch blanket. I’m fighting the urge to not pick up the needles and start a new project because I can justify it by looking at my spreadsheet and seeing how far ahead I am.

Instead I’m vowing to knit the garter blanket until I can’t stand it anymore. I know that in the next 9 months there will be times when I can’t bring myself to work on it so while I have the mojo I should use every ounce of it up.

I’m not even 50% done.

The recent weather in Seattle has made gardening a welcome springtime activity. I got around to planting green peas, snow peas, snow peas grown only for their pea shoots, chinese mustard, bok choi, potatoes and spinach. The new strawberries got planted and the old ones got new hills to live on. The irises that struggled in the semi-shaded backyard have been moved out to join the rosebush, the new dahlia and donated irises in the flower bed at the p patch.  

The paths have been covered with new woodchips and the decision was made to replace the original raspberries this year. I’m a little sad at the thought of removing the old ones since those were there when I got the garden plot 8 years ago. I never knew what kind they were but the previous gardeners had left them behind. Those raspberries are the last remaining piece of the original garden plot and it’s stupidly sentimental for me to feel sad about it.

I’m hoping for a wonderful summer bounty of veggies and berries but for now I think I’m going to take a little afternoon nap. I have sourdough bread and naan dough waiting to be baked and tandoori chicken marinating in the fridge. If only I had everything for a mango lassi right now…dinner would be perfect.