I swear I spent most of March knitting like mad and I’m pretty certain* I didn’t buy any new yarn yet my stashdown progress is pitiful. 

I’m down 1 whopping ball of yarn and that is only because I am 8 rows from completing my Gail shawl so I made the executive decision to count that usage in March 🙂 It’s close enough right? 

My biggest project is still the garter stitch blanket and that alone will help me reach my Stashdown goal so once the shawl is off the needles I think it is time to pay some attention to the blanket. I could count all the skeins I’ve used up so far but I have decided not to count anything until the project is completed. It means the Stashdown numbers aren’t ‘realtime’ but it’s a good motivator to finish my projects.

No pretty pictures today but please head on over to the Dragonfibers shop and take advantage of the 20% off everything sale. Even Fiber Club memberships are on sale!


  • One can never be 100% certain about yarn purchases.