There is a knitter out there who goes by the name Seven who just brought balance to my knitting world.

Back in 2007 there was a fellow knitter who sewed some extremely popular sock knitting bags and I was the proud owner of one. We ended up making a trade of dyed rovings for custom bags and I shipped out my end of the bargain eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new sock project bags.

They never arrived.

More time past and paying customers started voicing their complaints and soon we were given the sad news of her death.  Some doubted, some grieved. I personally felt like a total heel since I had just emailed a less than friendly note the day before but I moved on and chalked it up to life.

A year passes and the word gets out that death isn’t as permanant as we all assumed. 

Enter Seven.

She found out I was on the losing end of the deal and kindly offered to make me some replacements as a way to balance out the karma in the world. How could I refuse?

Each bag was wrapped in red tissue paper and came with the cutest card.

The perfect small project bags.

My Gail shawl fits perfectly and I’m thrilled beyond belief.


Thank you Seven for bringing knitting karma balance to my life.