I have a love hate relationship with Socks That Rock. I love their yarn, their colors and the fact they are made by a Pac NW company. I hate that I have rarely been able to make a successful pair of socks from the yarn.

My first pair was in Rooster Rock and even though it took about 4 attempts to find a stitch pattern I liked that minimized the pooling they are still one of my favorite pairs. Little did I know that 4 attempts at success would be my personal best when it came to STR. I worked up the Bellatrix pattern in Lagoon with great success only to have the socks pill horribly in the first wash and by wash #3 they were felted beyond repair (I’m now missing one so I can’t even gift them to a small footed family member).

Then STR and I truly had a falling out. I desperately wanted things to work and tried and tried again with my Scottish Highland only to finally admit defeat and destash that yarn on Ravelry. No problem I though, the shaded solid Lemongrass won’t steer me wrong. All the horrible pooling/flashing problems I encountered with the Scottish Highland wouldn’t occur with the Lemongrass.

Suddenly nothing I did would make a sock that fit. I went down a needle size, I went up. I tried 2 or 3 sock patterns. I adjusted the number of stitches about 3 times.  I had failed but I didn’t want to give up on Lemongrass quite yet. The destash of the previous sock was still too raw (this happened to 2 bus socks in a row) so the cake was tossed back into the back of the sock yarn cabinet and I moved on to other knitting.

When it came time to pack up my apt to move this January I tossed Lemongrass into the box of yarn I was allowed to bring to the house. I figured I needed it up front and looking me in the eye as a challenge to make things work.

After the 2 monthlong process to finish the Jester socks I decided I needed a sock that was a little more me and less published pattern. Thanks to the Harmony Cable & Aran guide I found what I was looking for almost immediately.

May I introduce you to the Romulan Socks!

Lemongrass STR…I made you my bitch!

Check out the detail on the back

There are 2 Rhombus cables running on either side of the foot and 1 running up the back of the calf. I’m super pleased with how these turned out and the fact I knit them in 5 days sure doesn’t hurt either.

I’m not going to tempt fate by casting on another pair of STR (plus I would have to go get more out of storage in order to do that) but I’m definitely feeling good about socks right now. I may even attempt some of my Zen Yarn Garden stash next.