The present is done!

Talk about easy and fun knitting. Elefante is definitely a quick project and I would totally make another (if I ever have a baby to knit for that is). Not too many adults might want a stuffed toy elephant but hopefully the intended recipient does.


Knit with Royal Silk Merino that I picked up at Little Knits last month. They had a HUGE bag sale on these but I was too slow and still trying to be good about not stashing more yarn so I missed on getting full bags of my favorite colors. I got one skein each of the white and lilac and damn this is nice yarn. Really makes me wish I had more to make a sweater out of it. Super nice sheen, good stitch definition and it felt great in my hands.

The only mod I made to this was knitting the ears isntead of crochet. I tried the ears twice and still couldn’t get the shape I wanted out of them so I found an easy knitted Elefante ear pattern in the Knit Toys group on Ravelry.

I took a break from work today to put in some gardening time. Over the winter one of the boards on my large raised bed started to fail and was leaning and bulging in a rather scary way. Dad and I braved the frigid weather (at least it was a clear sunny day) to tear it apart and reposition the problem board. This involved digging out an insane amount of dirt, realizing the board is almost completely rotten after only 2 years and that the culprit is the invasive mint-like weed that really makes me wish the garden wasn’t organic. We pounded in some stakes and figured the board had 1 more season left in it with that bandaid of a fix.

I got my first shipment of seeds in the mail today and the second is on it’s way. I loaded up on some asian vegetable seeds so hopefully I will have baby boy choi and tatsoi coming out of my ears…plus just wait till the soybeans and yard-long beans start growing…yum. Dad requested we grow kohlrabi this year so that was added to the mix along with the usual green beans, snow peas, tomatoes and leafy greens. I’m going to attempt potatoes again and based on the results of my last attempt any amount of potatoes that I grow will be a success.

But I did also manage to make bread today. The front loaf is plain country white and the back loaf has roasted garlic and rosemary. I love that this bread only uses the starter I made from grapes over 6 months ago, technically I was supposed to let these sit in the fridge for a day before baking to improve the flavor but I was in a hurry and I wanted fresh bread for lunch tomorrow.

Is there anything better than the smell of baking bread in the house (besides the smell of cookies that is)?