The Leyburn socks are done!

This was actually a pretty easy pattern so I don’t know why it took 2 whole months to finish. The actual knitting time was relatively short so this project definitely suffered due to other crafting diversions.

Most of the past month has been devoted to dyeing up a new sock yarn for a shop. I took a different approach and dyed very few colorways that have been in the Dragonfibers lineup before and that pushed me to try some new things. I definitely ended up with some new colorways that will be making into the shop soon. If you want to see yarn photos go here

I”m not completely done with the yarn dyeing yet but lately I have been feeling the itch to spin again. It’s been 2 months since I last touched the wheel and I’m missing it bigtime. Once I get my current knitting project out of the way I’m going to be hauling out the wheel again.

After I took a rather long (3hr) nap in my knitting chair this afternoonI did cast on for a new project. It doesn’t look like much right now but it’s going to be cute! 

I also got one step closer to making my favorite artisan bread today. Last week I got my starter all happy and bubbly before I realized I had packed the cookbook in storage. Today I braved the freakish snow (um Hello it’s MARCH!) and retrieved the required book only to realize that I was now low on bread flour. I just want my homemade rosemary roasted garlic bread damn it!