Well February sucked bigtime in the Stashdown 2009 plan. 


Today I realized that not only has my stash grown in the last 28 days but I was calculating my totals all wrong to begin with. Not much of a change but still one that required adjusting the progress to date widget.

In the month of February the stash grew by 5 skeins. Now I could be picky and say since one of those skeins was bought on March 1st it doesn’t really count but let’s face it…it does.

I did make good progress today on the Leyburn socks while waiting at the dealership today for my car. I only stopped before the heel turn because I couldn’t remember how many repeats I knit on the first sock before the heel and that sock was still at home.

I do have pictures of my 2 Portland yarn purchases.

Habu Textiles silk and stainless steel. The picture doesn’t show all the subtle sparkle from the stainless steel.

Rio de la Plato Multisolid sock yarn. It’s a 3ply that is dyed before plying. Definitely has a handspun look to it. Totally not my usual colors but I was oddly drawn to it.