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Some old friends (old as in college buddies not overall age) finally let it slip a few weeks ago that they are friends with a couple who have Shetland sheep. I’m on my way down to Portland to visit L & J since it’s been ages plus if 1 or 2 or 10 Shetland fleeces happen to make their way into my car then so be it. (fleeces have been offered up for free and how can I pass up that price?)

Leyburn sock #2 has been cast on although very little progress has been made so far. Since March 1st is on Sunday I seriously doubt I will finish before then. Due to my stashing habits in February and my lack of knitting progress I know my Stashdown numbers won’t be pretty.

My biggest purchases have been knitting related but not yarn. Little Knits has started carrying Namaste bags and I couldn’t resist. First I fell for an eggplant Buddy case and then somehow (I’m really not sure how) I also ordered a peacock Newport bag. The latter is on sale right now so if you have always wanted one….

In other news…please send good job vibes my way on March 4th around 3pm PST. I’m just at the preliminary stages of interviewing for the position but it would be a great fit for me.  I’m not going to get my hopes up but this is only the 2nd decent lead I’ve had in 12 weeks. Kind of demoralizing until you realize everyone else is getting the same results.

I have to admit I’m kind of enjoying my flexible work schedule right now so the prospect of going back to a 40+ hour work week definitely has its pros and cons.

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Stashdown 2009

January 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 233 Total Weight:33.13lbs Total Miles: 27

February 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 213 Total Weight:30.09lbs Total Miles: 26

March 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 218 Total Weight:31.95lbs Total Miles: 27

April 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 217 Total Weight:31.45lbs Total Miles: 26.5

May 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 229 Total Weight: 33.8 Total Miles: 28.4

June 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 210 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.7

July 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 201 Total Weight: 30.5 Total Miles: 26.5

August 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 228 Total Weight: 34.0 Total Miles: 28.8

October 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 254 Total Weight: 38.2 Total Miles: 31.8

November1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 224 Total Weight: 34.9 Total Miles: 29.9

December 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 206 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.1


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