That is how much I spent on yarn today. Such a shopping spree!

3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in a pale silver with a tinge of purple. 

Before you think I got the deal of the century this was after a 30% sale, a $25 gift card and almost $12 in store credit (that I didn’t realize I had). All that matters though is that I shelled out $2.75 for 3 lovely skeins of silvery purple silk. The reviews are mixed on this yarn and I can tell from what I see in the skein that crisp stitch definition isn’t going to happen. No matter what this yarn will become something lovely.

The only knitting progress today was getting to the heel turn of the Leyburn socks. They have languished for several weeks and were only picked up again tonight because I actually found the “safe place” where I stashed the project bag.  I need them off the needles if I want to even come close to breaking even for February in the stashbusting goal. At this rate I’ve added far more yarn in February than I have knit.

So much for progress.