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That is how much I spent on yarn today. Such a shopping spree!

3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in a pale silver with a tinge of purple. 

Before you think I got the deal of the century this was after a 30% sale, a $25 gift card and almost $12 in store credit (that I didn’t realize I had). All that matters though is that I shelled out $2.75 for 3 lovely skeins of silvery purple silk. The reviews are mixed on this yarn and I can tell from what I see in the skein that crisp stitch definition isn’t going to happen. No matter what this yarn will become something lovely.

The only knitting progress today was getting to the heel turn of the Leyburn socks. They have languished for several weeks and were only picked up again tonight because I actually found the “safe place” where I stashed the project bag.  I need them off the needles if I want to even come close to breaking even for February in the stashbusting goal. At this rate I’ve added far more yarn in February than I have knit.

So much for progress.

I was good, I swear! I had my budget and stuck to it. There were a few things I would have liked to get but I stuck with the 3 items that called to me the most.

A mediumweight STR in Typhoon Tina (maybe I will have STR luck if it isn’t the lightweight), 4oz of a 50/50 camel/silk roving in Pomegranate from Tactile Fiber Arts (I still have their carbonized bamboo from last year waiting to be spun up) and the Kerry Cardigan pattern from Black Water Abbey Yarns. I tried on the Kerry sample they had at their booth and loved it, while I may not knit this anytime soon it is definitely on the ‘to do’ list.

All in all I had a great time and the stop at Ikea on the way home sure didn’t hurt. I think I spent almost as much at Ikea as I did at Madrona but almost all of it was business related items. I finally have proper containers for my dry dyes and several plastic buckets to soak and tote yarn and roving around it. It got tiresome trying to juggle large dyeing sessions when you only have one plastic bucket to haul wet fiber around in.

Speaking of dyeing.

I did a little kettledyeing of sock yarn the other day. Nothing earthshattering but I personally love kettledyed semi solid yarns. If you remember the green Test Socks I knit a while back, well this is the same yarn and technique. These aren’t destined for the shop though but for a big wholesale order. Right now I’m working on team/school colors and from there it will be a wide variety of handpainted yarns.

I think I’m in love.

I finally decided to take the plunge and bought a countertop spin dryer. My only regret? Not buying it sooner. I held off on buying it because while I felt yarn could go through unscathed I wasn’t sure about roving. Boy was I wrong. I tested it out with the kettledyed yarns the first night and by morning the skeins were all dry. Last night I tried it with a batch of roving and hung up one roving to dry using the old squeeze and let drip dry method. The spun rovings are bone dry and the single dripping roving is still wet and probably has another day before being dry. Talk about a timesaver! Of course last night while I was carting 6lbs+ of dyed sock yarn up and down the stairs to the kitchen I started considering a portable hot plate/burner for the dye bathroom.

Yesterday I was confronted with the realization that there are really bad drivers out on the road. Somehow (and I’m really not sure how) someone managed to hit the front bumper of my parked car on Saturday night despite the fact I am parked over 4 feet away from the nearest driveway. It isn’t a head on hit which I could kind of see but more of a ‘I’m turning/backing out of a driveway and am going to scrape half of your front bumper’. I just don’t see how it would have been easy to do because in order to hit me the way they did the car would have been almost perpendicular to mine.

I seriously think it might be the loser neighbour and if you saw her car you would agree there is a good chance she was involved. I’m personally amazed her car still runs since I’ve seen what she has done to it over the years. Somewhere in Seattle there is a body shop owner planning his Bahamas vacation based on her business alone.

In more uplifting news while cleaning out my apt to move last month I came across an old gift card to a LYS, one I apparently never used so that is part of my goal today. The shop is moving locations next month so they have a sale going on…more yarn for my gift card buck!

Can anyone think of a good plan for translating Mom’s recipes into English? She has books and binders full of recipes I’d like to have but since I can’t read Cantonese we need to translate them first. How can we approach this without going completely insane?

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