It’s been a busy week! First I offically gave up the keys to the apt and started to settle into the routine of living with the parents. Then Mom arrived back from her insanely long visit to Hong Kong. 77 days according to Dad. Then Sarah arrived the following morning for a 4 day visit. I went from living alone to being surrounded by 3 other people in less than 5 days. It was bizarre.

One of the first things Sarah noticed was my cheapo clip hangers for the handknit socks (I love Daiso) and she pulled on one sock in particular to ask about it.

The brightest pair I own right now and she liked them. So I hopped online to check out the Rav stash just in case I had something that would work. No such luck. That meant buying yarn! I told myself if I knit them immediately it was ok plus I only had a few days before Sarah went back home. Conveniently I had to go to the LYS job that day so a skein of Online Supersock Sport came home with me.

Sarah wanted bright and stripey.

Think I succeeded? I tried to match the socks because when it comes to self striping yarn I like them to match. With normal handdyed yarn I don’t care as long as they are similar. However sock #2 had other plans, I was barely done with the toe when I came across a knot. You can see sock #1 (on the right) has a wider stripy section on the ball of the foot but sock #2 is half that size. It threw the whole plan off but since they aren’t my socks I could let it go. 

I cast these babies on after dinner on Wednesday night and knit until I had almost reached the heel before falling asleep. I then managed to squeeze in about half an hour of knitting before dinner on Thursday and then picked up the sock after 10.30pm later that night. At 2am I cast off the first sock. #2 wasn’t started until around noon on Friday and I once again knit until I fell asleep (this is apparently a habit of mine). With a good break for dinner and other random errands I stopped around midnight with maybe 2.5″ left to go. By 11am Saturday morning the entire pair was done with the exception of weaving in the ends! 

I can’t believe I knit an entire pair of plain jane toeup socks in about 2.5 days without going insane. My hands haven’t quite forgiven me and there were moments of  “I really should stop before I hurt myself” but I made it through and have decided to take it easy with the knitting for a few days to recover.

Besides I have a cross stitch project that I need to work on and I also have this small problem of 50lbs of sock yarn needing to be skeined up in 4oz skeins before I can dye them. I’m thinking I won’t have time to knit right now 🙂