Farewell Apt 7.  It was a good year, I learned a lot, I enjoyed my space and I especially enjoyed not having to always wear pants in the house. 🙂

Hello new home. May you bring me the stability and familarity that I need so desperately right now. All I ask is that you take it easy on me otherwise you might end up on the evening news and lets face it…our family doesn’t need more drama right now.

Oh and before I forget….

Amused is finished. It’s still damp but it is done! It also used up 13 balls of my London Tweed. The remaining 7 balls have been gifted to Ginger and are destined to become a vest for her son. That means in the month of January I have reduced my stash of 233 balls of yarn down to 213!!! 

Only 27 more to go to my 20% goal. If only it was as simple as knitting 2 more sweaters. I just started helping out at a LYS and you know it’s a slippery slope when you spend your day surrounded by soft squishy yarn that is whispering “take me home, you know you want to”.