Can someone please remind me that staying up till 2am on a weeknight isn’t a good idea even if you don’t have a job to go to the next day? 

As soon as I finished the Test Socks I decided I needed another pair of socks on the needles. Sobe suggested the oh so pretty Plaited Points from the Winter Knitty and she even picked out the yarn from my stash for it (Claudia Handpainted in Ocean). The pattern was printed and I went to grab the yarn to skein when it hit me. Maybe having 2 cabled projects on the needles at the same time wasn’t ideal especially when the reason behind having a pair of socks going while working on Amused is so I can have a break from the cabling. The pattern was put away and the yarn went back in the cabinet. However since I was standing in front of the yarn cabinet I grabbed another.

It doesn’t look like much yet but I’m finally attempting the Fleece Artist Merino in Jester again. I can’t even remember what sock I tried to make with it last time before frogging but this is one of the oldest sock yarns in my stash and it’s time I found a use for it. I’ve also had the Aquaphobia sock pattern faved in Ravelry for a while now and think the slip stitch pattern will combat the super thin quality of the yarn. I’ve knit other FA merino yarn and I have another skein in stash but this Jester is thinner than both of them. 

In sweater news…. I was only gettting about 1 pattern repeat done a day because I just can’t knit fast with this yarn. It doesn’t slide easily on even the Harmony needles so I’m constantly stopping and scooting my stitches around. It’s frustrating but so far things are going well. I had to frog back a fair amount when I needed to divide for the sleeves because the size I was knitting was far too big even though the measurements were right. So off went about 4inches until I had the stitch count for the next size down. Once the sleeves were divided the knitting progressed a little faster and I sped through the stockingnette body and am now just starting on the 6″ of 2×2 ribbing. I expect the knitting to slow down a bit for that.

The packing has started but I’m at a standstill.  I already had to decide how much of my yarn and fiber stash gets to stay in the warm cozy house and what yarn gets boxed up to live in the cold dark storage unit. I decided I couldn’t just grab a couple projects worth because I needed the security of choices so I whittled the stash down to 5 balls of kitchen cotton (lets face it I need to knit with it or quit drooling over cones of Peaches & Cream online), 1 newly frogged skein of Suri Blue laceweight, the uber soft Mirasol Miski yarn that I bought over 6 months ago because I couldn’t stop touching it, my Quivet yarn because Quivet CAN’T live in a storage unit and finally 10 skeins of sock yarn.

Yes I packed enough sock yarn to last me at least 6 months if not a year and yet I’m well aware that it is overkill. I need choices 🙂

All the rest of the yarn has been bagged, boxed and is sitting in a slowly growing pile of boxes to be moved this weekend. Packing up everything is harder than I expected because I think a little part of me wants to deny it is happening.  As much as I hate the need to move I do recognize just how lucky I am to have the option.

I did get word on when my unemployment case gets a hearing so on January 20th 3pm PST can you please send some vibes my way?